St Jacques


Yesterday evening I continued my Prime Suspect fest with ‘Error of Judgement’. I had seen this one before, nevertheless, despite knowing the outcome, it was well worth a repeat viewing. Steven Mackintosh and Helen Mirren made the perfect protagonists. Both are brilliant actors and eminently watchable. As usual, the supporting cast and the production were excellent.

Door lockEntranceNavePavingLight from windowThe morning began in the same manner as the previous one. My task is almost complete.

I sat in the church of St Jacques, which I had photographed before, in happier Sigoules days, for a while, and conversed with God. This peaceful ancient place of worship alternates its services with other villages. Today it was the turn of Issegeac and Eymet.

St Jacques is the patron saint of the village.

Some time was later spent getting my head around transferring pictures from my camera to my laptop and managing to edit them and transfer them to the desktop for subsequent inclusion in posts. With Windows 8, I can assure you that this was no mean feat.

I dined on a well-filled Carrefour pizza, after which Prime Suspect ‘The Lost Witness’ and ‘The Last Act’ were my evening viewing.