Somewhat Scary

While we enjoyed ourselves shaded from the searing heat yesterday afternoon, Flo, Dillon and Ellie engaged in an impressive gardening

stint, clearing the overgrown raised bed at the bottom of the Back

Drive, much of which our grandson-in-law cleared of weeds, before

going on to the Heligan Path.

My efforts this morning concentrated on the front garden trellis, the roses of which I pruned with long loppers,

revealing solanum and honeysuckle;

then thinned out the Oxeye daisies alongside the hydrangea and Félicité Perpétue obscuring Jackie’s view when driving out onto Christchurch Road; and finally

the clematis Montana obscuring Laraine and David’s exit from next door. Often exceeding the 40 m.p.h. speed limit, vehicles of all shapes and sizes do not slow down when passing me at work. It is somewhat scary.

Jackie continued planting pots.

Later, I converted the gallery in from Tiled to ordinary in order to recover the pictures.

This evening we all dined at The Smugglers Inn, Milford on Sea. As usual, the food was plentiful, perfectly cooked, and of excellent quality; the staff were welcoming, friendly, and efficient; even shortly after 6 p.m. the spacious establishment was fully occupied, although we were given a table presumably reserved for later, and a high chair was rapidly provided for Ellie, who readily engaged with staff and customers.

Jackie enjoyed her crisp fish, chips, and garden peas; Dillon and I our tender, lean, steak and mushroom pies;

Flo and Ellie shared massive, meaty, spare ribs.

From the dessert menu Dillon selected splendid spotted dick and vanilla ice cream; Flo a flavoursome toffee waffle, also with ice cream; and I a traditional merangue, cream, and strawberry Eton mess. Ellie appreciated her shares of all our puds.

Embarking On Schooldays


First thing this morning, Jackie drove me to New Milton for me to do some banking. After this she continued with planting and repairing storm damage in the garden where I carried out minimal tidying and dead-heading.

This afternoon I worked on the next section of ‘A Knight’s Tale’.

This involved editing and re-ordering much of my post ‘Maureen Potter And Plasticine’,

and inserting these two photographs.

I also used extracts from ‘Yesterday’s Bread’, with this illustration;

and from ‘Miss Downs’, adding these two, not included in the post,

and this photograph from ‘Auntie Gwen’

The Smugglers Inn

This evening we dined at The Smugglers Inn in Milford on Sea.

Having made the mistake of ordering two belly-busting courses last time we were here, we  each just had one tonight. Jackie enjoyed ginormous lemon chicken, chips, and salad.

Sirloin steak meal

My choice was superb sizzling sirloin steak served on a bed of onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes set on a steaming dish alongside the plentiful chips, onion rings, and salad on another enormous plate. I drank Doom Bar and Jackie drank Amstel. This time we consumed everything except a few of Jackie’s chips. The lady behind the steam thought this an artistic portrait.



Roofing Port St Charles

This afternoon I scanned the last of the colour slides from our Barbados trip of March 2004.

Bird unknown 3.04

I cannot identify the owner of the avian eye apparently fixed on me from the Port St Charles shrubbery, whilst mine were observing a team of roofers putting finishing touches to the luxury apartments of this rich person’s playground.

Roofing 3.04 1Roofing 3.04 2Roofing 3.04 3Roofing 3.04 4

Roofing 3.04 5Roofing 3.04 6Roofing 3.04 7Roofing 3.04 8

They certainly needed their varied headwear which presumably offered some kind of protection from the strong, hazy, sun, scorchingly hot despite the occasional clouds.

These are the last of the slides, but we have not seen the last of the island, because I have found some negatives from the beginning of the trip, when we were waiting for Sam’s arrival.

Chicken and Mushroom PieLemon chicken supremeThis being the 48th anniversary of our original wedding, we celebrated with a meal out at The Smugglers Inn at Milford on Sea. My choice was excellent chicken and vegetable pie with chips and more veg., followed by the softest bread and butter pudding and custard that I have ever tasted. Jackie chose lemon chicken supreme, with superb chocolate fudge cake and ice cream. Our drinks were Doom Bar and Peroni respectively.

The service was most friendly, and we were early enough to make our escape whilst the quiz night was being set up and the contestants filling up all the tables around us.

Pub food has undergone a considerable transformation since 1968.

P.S. arlingwoman, in her comment below, has identified the pigeon. Thanks to her.

Singapore Prints

This morning we drove Elizabeth to The Coastal Gallery in Lymington, where we admired good art works at, for us, prohibitive prices. On our return, my sister and I completed the task of printing Mr. Boyle’s black and white negatives from 1950s Singapore for Frances.

Patricia 003

Here Patricia enjoys the swimming pool,

Patricia and friend 002

and in the garden with a local friend.

Frances 012

The artistic photographer pictured Frances gazing out to sea.

Frances, her Mum, and others 004

Perhaps mother and daughters are loading this van, or maybe making a purchase.

Frances's Dad 026

Here the sisters’ father sits reading.

Frances, Catherine and Patricia 007

He photographed them together,

Francis 020

and separately Frances,

Catherine 022


Patricia 029

and Patricia.

Clouds and seaSilhouettes on shore

Danni and Andy joined us for lunch, after which we all drove to Barton on Sea, where the threatening clouds did not drop their precipitation, as they were penetrated by Jesus beams.

Danni and Andy

The young couple sat a bit closer to the edge of the clifftop than would have suited me. We ambled down to the shore so that Danni could dip her toes in the water.

Back at home we played Scrabble, until it was time for us all to dine at The Smugglers Inn at Milford on Sea. The service was friendly and efficient, the ambience convivial, and the food excellent. My choice was beef and horseradish pie, new potatoes and vegetables. I drank Doom Bar. None of us had room for a sweet.