Cheers Laurie And Clif

My contribution to Jackie’s general garden maintenance this morning was making a start on weeding the gravelled Gazebo path. I will need to consult with the Head Gardener about these forget-me-nots spilling under the iron wheels. Brick Paths will need to wait their turn; I am not looking forward to the Back Drive which IContinue reading “Cheers Laurie And Clif”


I began the day with a brief amble down the lane. In the bed beyond the kitchen window, the frilly pink poppies have multiplied. On our back drive, a pennant of white ramblers is now strung from stump to stump down the avenue of dead trees along the Northern side. Hallmark Builders have finished their workContinue reading “Shoebox”

Stalking The Starling

Queuing to get on the blog this morning were: This pink rambler that has come through the recent rains somewhat scathed; the clematis Marie Boisselot; more alliums, one with a sentinel spider, less than usually reluctant to be noticed. Click to spot it. By popular request I have returned to the Streets of London Series. I scanned anotherContinue reading “Stalking The Starling”

Diverted From The Task In Hand

A stiff breeze set our flaming foliage flickering in the strong morning sunlight casting shifting shadows. As I gently ambled around, I pulled the calf of my dodgy leg. Following the last two stormy days, I now have another excuse for avoiding weeding. The beech is now fully plumed; as are the Japanese maples; and theContinue reading “Diverted From The Task In Hand”

Fag Ends

Benjamin Renouf and Tony of Abre Electrical arrived on time this morning to fit a new fusebox, run a power cable to the kitchen from the upstairs circuit, and generally check over our supply. They were quiet, efficient, and wasted no time, although they were here all day. I would certainly use them again. IContinue reading “Fag Ends”

The Good Samaritans

Jackie and I set off bright and early this morning to collect Sheila from her hotel in Sway and take her back to Castle Malwood Lodge for lunch. On the way we had a look at the outside of a little semi in Manchester Road that had seemed interesting on the website.  Sheila came withContinue reading “The Good Samaritans”