On another very hot, yet progressively overcast morning we drove to Otter Nurseries where Jackie bought herself another very long hose – this time on wheels to reduce carrying it about – for the garden. We travelled on to Barton on Sea where I stationed myself on a bench in order to attach my longestContinue reading “Scorching”

Along The Coastline

This morning I scanned the next six pages of Charles Keeping’s version of ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes. By mid-afternoon Jackie finished the first stage of her planting of the new raised bed – by replacing the bulbs and primroses which had to be dug up to make space for it. Afterwards she drove meContinue reading “Along The Coastline”

74 Miles Per Hour

The title represents the fastest speed of the hurricane force winds gusting through The Needles this morning. With our garden in direct line about two miles from these there was no point in going out to investigate the damage, so we drove to Barton on Sea to have a look at them. Jackie photographed theContinue reading “74 Miles Per Hour”

The Floating Fortress

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A GROUP TO ACCESS GALLERIES This cold and wet morning we visited Anne at Kitchen Makers in Sway to discuss the finer points of our new kitchen construction. Next, we delivered a batch of photographs to Lal Quilla in Lymington for Raj to make his selection; then I ordered someContinue reading “The Floating Fortress”

The Beachcomber

I began dead-heading roses this morning. This afternoon Jackie drove us to Barton on Sea via Milford on Sea. We stopped off at Milford for Sheila to buy a stamp for New Zealand and maybe some wool from the shop that was also a Post Office. The Post Office had been permanently closed a fortnightContinue reading “The Beachcomber”

Crumbling Cliff

Today we cleaned up downstairs in preparation for our visitors beginning to arrive tomorrow. I hand-delivered a few local Christmas cards, then Jackie drove me to the framer’s in Old Milton. I was beginning to become rather anxious about a present he was working on. Last week he had said it would be done by the nextContinue reading “Crumbling Cliff”

A Precocious Hellebore

We are still enjoying temperatures in double figures, and the rain was easier today. This morning we left a large photographic print for mounting with 4Most Framing in Old Milton. We returned home via Barton on Sea where the waves were choppy and a layer of spray around the dimly visible Isle of Wight gaveContinue reading “A Precocious Hellebore”

Singapore Prints

This morning we drove Elizabeth to The Coastal Gallery in Lymington, where we admired good art works at, for us, prohibitive prices. On our return, my sister and I completed the task of printing Mr. Boyle’s black and white negatives from 1950s Singapore for Frances. Here Patricia enjoys the swimming pool, and in the gardenContinue reading “Singapore Prints”

King Canute

After a shopping trip to Lidl in Old Milton this morning, Jackie deposited me alongside the Beachcomber Cafe. Leaving the flat green open space at Barton on Sea, where romped dogs, including two who found an even smaller one to play with, I walked back along the crumbling and undulating cliff top which severely tested theContinue reading “King Canute”

A Melodious Voice

It is a while since I featured a ‘through the ages’ photograph. Here is number 52 which was taken by Jessica at the Soho Festival of Summer 1977, during the spaghetti eating contest. I reported on Michael’s attempt the previous year on 29th June 2013. At that event I also entered the cigar smoking competition. In ’77Continue reading “A Melodious Voice”