The Beachcomber

I began dead-heading roses this morning. This afternoon Jackie drove us to Barton on Sea via Milford on Sea. We stopped off at Milford for Sheila to buy a stamp for New Zealand and maybe some wool from the shop that was also a Post Office. The Post Office had been permanently closed a fortnightContinue reading “The Beachcomber”

The Doggie Bird

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE THEM. REPEAT IF NECESSARY Ali, Peter, Becky, and Ian stayed overnight. When we had all surfaced we drove to the Beachcomber cafe in Barton on Sea for a brunch. Ali and Peter look forever young. Anyone familiar with my healthy cafĂ© fry-ups may be surprised to see my smaller thanContinue reading “The Doggie Bird”

The Beach House

Late on this crystal crisp clear blue sky morning Ian drove Scooby and me to Marine Drive, East, Barton on Sea, whence we walked along the clifftop. The Isle of Wight was again sporting a pastel palette, as we joined other dog walkers, many of whom are now familiar to Ian and Scooby, whose stanceContinue reading “The Beach House”


I began the day with a brief amble down the lane. In the bed beyond the kitchen window, the frilly pink poppies have multiplied. On our back drive, a pennant of white ramblers is now strung from stump to stump down the avenue of dead trees along the Northern side. Hallmark Builders have finished their workContinue reading “Shoebox”

In Our Daughter’s Handbag

Just before lunch Ian drove Becky, Scooby, and me to Barton on Sea. As we walked along the cliff top, we watched storm clouds approaching from the North. Deciding to ignore them we walked down the slope towards the beach, got drenched, and retreated to the Beachcomber Cafe. The whole population of the seaside townContinue reading “In Our Daughter’s Handbag”