A Knight’s Tale (49: Shanklin)

In September 1968, I produced this photograph on the beach at Shanklin on the Isle of Wight. An A3+ print now faces guests sitting on our loo. Also on this holiday after a paddle, Michael prevailed upon a pregnant Jackie to dig a hole in the sand for him to climb into. Three months laterContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (49: Shanklin)”

An Aid To Autosuggestion

The weather today could not have been more¬†of a¬†contrast to yesterday’s. It was several degrees warmer, wet, and overcast. I took a short walk along Hordle Lane to visit the horses in a waterlogged Yeatton Cottage paddock. These miserable looking animals, wrapped in their winter rugs, could not even show their customary interest in myContinue reading “An Aid To Autosuggestion”