Water Under The Bridge

Today’s weather pattern was again that of sunshine and showers. This morning Margery and Paul visited to return my copy of “Framley Parsonage’ and to borrow “Can He Forgive Her?” and “The Last Chronicle of Barset”. At this rate our nonagenarian friend will finish reading my Trollopes before I do. It will come as noContinue reading “Water Under The Bridge”

Spilt Milk

Once again the sunniest part of the day was this morning. I am happy to say that the fault on our landline was successfully repaired while I stayed near the phone and Jackie continued weeding and planting. Nugget and Lady were both in attendance, but his new partner tweeted that she was not ready forContinue reading “Spilt Milk”

A Cervine Spectre

Jackie was up in the dark this morning, in time to photograph our first smattering of snow before the rain washed it away. This afternoon we drove to Crestwood in Lymington to complete the paperwork and pay a deposit on our new sitting room flooring which will be laid after Christmas. We continued on toContinue reading “A Cervine Spectre”

On The Road To Brockenhurst

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Jackie and I began the day with a drive in the forest, in order to see how the thatching at East End was progressing. A shallow stream ran over the ford at Norleywood, enhancing the beauty of the shadows on the road ahead. A pair of donkeys breakfastedContinue reading “On The Road To Brockenhurst”


http://www.weather. That is what 50 m.p.h. winds have turned our wet and warm days into.  (Mr WordPress took my joke one stage further. I didn’t type http:// and he won’t let me erase it) We went out for a drive this morning; first down to the clifftop over Hordle beach at Milford on Sea; then throughContinue reading “Bedraggled”

An Aid To Autosuggestion

The weather today could not have been more of a contrast to yesterday’s. It was several degrees warmer, wet, and overcast. I took a short walk along Hordle Lane to visit the horses in a waterlogged Yeatton Cottage paddock. These miserable looking animals, wrapped in their winter rugs, could not even show their customary interest in myContinue reading “An Aid To Autosuggestion”