Really Faster Broadband

A Kelly telephone engineer visited at 7.50 a.m. this morning to install the new faster Broadband. Max of Peacock Computers had not been told, and, of course, wasn’t likely to be available at that time. I was forced to dash upstairs in my dressing gown and don some clothes. The plan had been that MaxContinue reading “Really Faster Broadband”

A Productive Day For The Head Gardener And The Maintenance Department

Today’s pattern for me was very similar to yesterday’s, in that I spent much time wrestling with uploading photographs to WordPress, and eventually was forced to give up on one; intermittently applied myself to scrapping or shredding fifteen years of paperwork; and posted with photographs which were already in my WP media file. TheContinue reading “A Productive Day For The Head Gardener And The Maintenance Department”

No Longer In The Shade

Once again we struggled in unaccustomed heat to thin out the rampant wisteria, and compost and bag up the clippings. Jackie did most of the pruning and photographed the process before and after her efforts. As she said, she was no longer working in the shade. Although the bulk of the composting and bagging fellContinue reading “No Longer In The Shade”

Views From The Wisteria

When Jackie opened the stable door this morning to refill the Nugget breakfast bowl Nugget Junior was quietly waiting. While she was outside she decided to pan her favourite views from the wisteria. A short time later she followed Nugget’s offspring ┬áto the Westbrook Arbour where she produced “Where’s Nugget Junior?”.