Quiet Days

We woke up this morning in The Firs to very pleasant weather, bright, cloudy, and with intermittent sunshine.  I took myself off to West End Road, part of the A27, and walked down this still generously tree-lined thoroughfare until I came to Haskins Garden Centre in Swaythling Road.  Just beyond this establishment I crossed theContinue reading “Quiet Days”

37 Rougemont Avenue

On this much calmer day, with a significant diversion, I made a tour of Morden Park.  The white cloud in evidence today was perhaps fulfilling the promise we have that the jet stream mentioned two days ago has finally exhausted itself.  Grey cloud, heavy rain, and the disappearance of the patches of blue later belied this. AContinue reading “37 Rougemont Avenue”


Mrs. Reynard is looking most uncomfortable lately.  Perched on her pile of sticks this morning, she was gnawing away at her rear end, which is now on one side completely devoid of fur.  The patch the magpie was pecking on 26th. May (see post) is now rather raw. On my normal route to Colliers WoodContinue reading “Conversations”


On another wet morning I set off to visit Amerland Road in Wandsworth.  I chose the route up to Wimbledon Common, along Parkside, and down West Hill.  Apparently it is the jet stream which normally strikes north of Scotland that is responsible for our stormy summer.  Having learned this I reflected that it is hardly surprisingContinue reading “Directions”

One Life Cut Short; Another Changed Forever

A much more pleasant day today was cloudy with occasional glimpses of sun.  I decided to visit 18 Bernard Gardens and 79 Ashcombe Road in Wimbledon.  On Maycross Avenue someone had spilled a bag of gems, and in Woodside, SW19, a child had lost a little bear.  In Mostyn Road I met a man exercisingContinue reading “One Life Cut Short; Another Changed Forever”

Walking In The Rain

Well, I thought this would be an original title for the summer of 2012.  Yesterday’s sunshine  proved to be an aberration.  This morning we were back to normal, pouring rain.  As I needed to go into Morden to present yesterday’s wine stained raiment to the dry cleaners and to pay in some cheques I continued onContinue reading “Walking In The Rain”

Portrait Of A Lady

Taking advantage of the better weather and making an early start, we finished the planned planting and the new bed by the pergola.  The morning was fine, but as we set off for Helen and Bill’s barbecue in Ringwood, raindrops began to fall.  In fact they didn’t amount to much although they did force theContinue reading “Portrait Of A Lady”


Before the rain set in, Jackie in particular having got up early, we managed to get quite a bit of planting done, and even start a bonfire.  New and older, refurbished, beds are being filled, and, where necessary, thinned out; some plants being separated and moved.  The variously hued heuchera make a colourful display. The patioContinue reading “Vertigo”

Cottenham Park

On another cloudy morning I set off for Cottenham Park in what estate agents now call West Wimbledon.  In Maycross Avenue I met another elderly lady. I didn’t attempt to engage Dolly in conversation.  Further along I spotted another effort at accommodating both pansies and the motor car. Arriving at Raynes Park, I walked up AmityContinue reading “Cottenham Park”


Dawn, after another night of rain, broke clear and sunny.  I set off, with no particular goal, to stroll around the streets off Hillcross Avenue.  I have previously mentioned the fact that Morden’s front gardens have been given over to the motor car. Outside this extended car park I chatted with an elderly woman whoContinue reading “Mordred”