An Unexpected Portrait

Yesterday, by a narrow margin, Ireland won their rugby match against France. This was an excellent contest, and secured the championship for the victors. It went down very well in the Irish evening in support of CAFOD, which we attended with Helen and Bill, Shelly and Ron. Catholic Aid For Overseas Development is an officialContinue reading “An Unexpected Portrait”


On learning of my penchant for history, our friend Margery lent me ‘The Crusades’ by Thomas Asbridge.  I began reading it yesterday evening. As I took a series of photographs in January 1965, at the ripe old age of 22, I thought: ‘these will be an historical record one day’.  Now, nigh on 49 yearsContinue reading “Marevna”

Shopping Early For Christmas

Today I walked straight across Running Hill at the end of Lower Drive into the forest.  The terrain dropped sharply and I was soon careering down the steeply undulating land, dodging trees above and around me, snapping fallen branches and rustling last autumn’s leaves underfoot, and listening to the roar of the A31. Eventually theContinue reading “Shopping Early For Christmas”