A Somewhat Abortive Trip

Soon after dawn the strong sun we were to enjoy in a clear blue sky for the rest of today drew up enough moisture from the soggy forest virtually to obscure it from our dining room windows. Later I walked down to the village shop for stamps, diverting to give Alan, whose work of yesterdayContinue reading “A Somewhat Abortive Trip”

Sea Flowers

This morning I made a start on reading ‘Madame Bovary’. Later, in a successful bid to avoid the rain, I walked down to The Splash and back via the church footpath. The sunshine and showers nature of the day and the speed of the wind produced ever-changing skies, bright blue clouding over in white andContinue reading “Sea Flowers”


In my post dedicated to him, I say that Alex Schneideman made me a present of one of his portraits of me.  This is number 21 in the ‘through the ages series’, taken on 17th March 2009.  It seems appropriate to feature it at this time, because behind me in the flat in Sutherland place, are someContinue reading “Showstopper”

Tour Guides

Today was another Sheila day.  We drove to Sway to collect her and drive her around the unspoilt forest villages to the North of the A31.  To some extent we followed in reverse the route along Roger Penny Way that we had taken yesterday evening. Sheila had been fascinated by the animals loose in theContinue reading “Tour Guides”

A Ring Of Truth

Early this morning Jackie, Don and I shopped in Acres Down Farm shop and went on to All Saints Church, first described on 24th December last year.  While Jackie diverted to Minstead Village Shop, Don and I wandered around the churchyard in bright sunshine, before we all three explored the inside. Particularly interesting to ourContinue reading “A Ring Of Truth”

Preparing For The Hunt

An icy wind held this beautiful day in its grasp and ensured that my morning walk to Lyndhurst and back remained freezing.  Even by one o’clock when I returned, much of the terrain was frozen, ice covered the pools, and a thin layer of snow remained in parts. Misty and her mistress were dressed forContinue reading “Preparing For The Hunt”

‘That’s Not A Yew Tree’

On the forest strip alongside our Upper Drive, as I set off to walk via Furzey Gardens road; the ford; and the footpath to All Saints church, I met the unusual sight of four foraging ponies.  Their sunlit-dappled coats blended in so well with the trees that it was only the swish of a rebounding,Continue reading “‘That’s Not A Yew Tree’”

P’tang Yang Kipperbang

For some time now Jackie has been collecting toys, books, and dressing up material for visits from grandchildren.  She has now taken this a stage further.  Buying such as Disney Princess dresses in various stages of use and abuse from her favourite charity shops, she has washed, ironed, mended, and added flouncy petticoats and sequinsContinue reading “P’tang Yang Kipperbang”

Pinched Buttocks

Discussing Tens machines this morning Jackie mentioned that she can’t find hers, and assumed it has got lost in one of our several moves.  A short while later, we spoke about the potential for photographing, in the snow that has fallen overnight, a subject for next year’s Christmas card.  I said that one card I’dContinue reading “Pinched Buttocks”

Happy New Year

Jackie and I have reached the stage where, not only do we prefer to avoid the crowds and watch New Year celebrations on television, but we can’t even stay up to do that, so we watched them this morning on BBC iPlayer.  I had a bit of a hangover. From 2006 to 2009 I lived closeContinue reading “Happy New Year”