Approaching Leicester

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN GROUPS TO ACCESS GALLERIES, WHERE INDIVIDUAL IMAGES CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE BY CLICKING BOX AT BOTTOM RIGHT Here are further images of the journey through England’s midland waterways taken by me walking alongside Sam and James in Pacific Pete in July 2003. This stone stork beside the Cherwell sectionContinue reading “Approaching Leicester”

The Foxton Flight

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A GROUP TO ACCESS ITS ENLARGED GALLERY It rained all day today. Aaron, who could not work in such weather, came for a pleasant chat over a mug of tea. I will not bore either my readers or myself with full details of today’s BT episode. But it does warrantContinue reading “The Foxton Flight”

The Answer Must Lie In The Postcodes

Billingford Mill is maintained by The Norfolk Windmills Trust: There may be more water pumps than mills, for these former relics of times past were used to pump out water from the county’s precarious terrain reclaimed from the sea. Were it not for the rooftop in between, the Billingford Mill would have been beautifully framedContinue reading “The Answer Must Lie In The Postcodes”