The Reluctant Recliner

On another unseasonably warm, mostly overcast, day, Jackie drove Becky and me to Emsworth and back, so that our daughter, who, with her family is still with us, could keep an appointment. I wandered around the town, walking down Queen Street to Slipper Mill Pond, then back up the hill and round to the harbourContinue reading “The Reluctant Recliner”


Glittering white frost coated the lawn this beautiful, cold, blue-sky morning as Jackie drove us to West Totton’s Tesco Express to buy a few essentials, like bread and potatoes.  I had intended to walk back from the Minstead turn off on the A337. However, where the sun had not reached the road surfaces they were soContinue reading “Toytown”

Afternoon Tea

Leatherjackets are the grubs emerging from eggs laid in the grass by craneflies the year before.  They eat the roots of the sward.  This, and the fact that the adults are not very nimble fliers and therefore inclined to become entangled in her hair, is why, during our current plague of them, Jackie can beContinue reading “Afternoon Tea”

Symbols Of England

Jackie and I began the day by driving Matthew to Nomansland to show him Lyburn Cottage.  We wandered around the green on the edge of the forest before having a drink in The Lamb Inn. A cricket pitch is chained off on this edge of the forest.  Keeping the outfield grass down is clearly takenContinue reading “Symbols Of England”

Through The Window

14th September 2013 Autumn brings condensation on the inside of our windows, so once again, grinning faces, placed there, no doubt, by two mischievous little girls, peer in.  Jessica and Imogen, I wonder who that could have been? I began the day by kicking myself.  I had completely forgotten about the photographs of Jamie andContinue reading “Through The Window”