Communing With Ponies

Today we ventured out. Firstly, I made my way down the garden to admire Aaron’s work of yesterday. Perusal of the last two photographs featured on 26th June last year show what this now bare patch looked like then. For the rest of that summer I cleared most of what was growing there, and invadingContinue reading “Communing With Ponies”

The Dappled Trunk

This morning I could no longer put off changing the lightbulbs bought yesterday. The picture light which I can reach with the aid of our small stepladder was done then. Three more at ceiling height were a different proposition. A major task ensued, not the least for the photographer who had to get down onContinue reading “The Dappled Trunk”

The Forest Is Not Immune

Last night I began reading The Folio Society’s ‘The Best of the Raconteurs’. Today’s advent calendar picture is of a display in the window of a shop that I cannot remember.  Again taken in December 1963 it was probably in Regent Street.  The cabinet containing the various vitreous containers, in which the glass madonna isContinue reading “The Forest Is Not Immune”

A Gift From Norway

We drove early this morning to Ringwood for a bit more shopping, then went on to visit Helen and Bill in Poulner, after which we meandered around the northern forest villages seeking a particular photographic subject for a card idea that Jackie had.  We returned home along Roger Penny Way. The plane trees around RingwoodContinue reading “A Gift From Norway”

Hansel’s Trail

The dismal drizzle descending, as I dragged myself from my laptop and set off for the two underpasses walk, soon developed into a steady stream, only slightly abated by the leaves on the still clad trees upon which it spattered. Today I began from the Malwood Farm end.  My nostrils picked up the scent ofContinue reading “Hansel’s Trail”

New Forest Safari

Today was very warm.  The morning 13.5 tog cloud duvet of slate grey tinged with pigeon-pink slowly made way for a clear lapis lazuli sky that ultimately faded to a blue-rinse tint above a salmon-pink horizon. It was a perfect day for a drive through the glorious New Forest on a prospective abode safari.  AfterContinue reading “New Forest Safari”

The Soho Festival

In The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain this morning I finished reading Paul Langford’s ‘The Eighteenth Century’, and progressed to begin ‘Revolution and the Rule of Law’ by Christopher Harvie. It was a beautiful balmy day as I walked the two fords loop peaking at Forest Road.  Sheep grazed against the backdrop of a mastContinue reading “The Soho Festival”

‘I’m Not An Olympic Cyclist’

Before lunch, which consisted of a vast amount of yesterday’s food with the addition of more cold meats, pies, and cheeses, Jackie drove Don and me to Bank where we sampled the beers and sussed out the food, which looked very tempting, in The Oak Inn.  The beamed pub was very full and catered forContinue reading “‘I’m Not An Olympic Cyclist’”

You Could Say I’d Be Stumped

The encouragement Jackie has received from our neighbours about her garden at the Lodge has inspired her to aspire to new heights.  This meant we had to visit Cadnam Garden Centre, ostensibly for more netting for the rabbit proofing.  I set off a little earlier than Jackie, so she could drive there and have aContinue reading “You Could Say I’d Be Stumped”

I Didn’t Get Lost

It was very murky in the New Forest today when I took the Fritham walk from the AA book.  Rain drizzled all day.  Jackie drove me there and went off to do her own thing whilst I did mine.  She had been indicating in good time that she wanted to leave the A31 via aContinue reading “I Didn’t Get Lost”