Spectral Ponies

CLICK ON CLUSTERED, SMALLER, IMAGES TO ACCESS LARGER GALLERIES. This morning we brunched in a very crowded Otter Nurseries restaurant before driving to Emery Down, Bolderwood, and back home. As with many New Forest villages, the approach to Emery Down from Swan Green is quintessentially English. We have a row of tiny thatched cottages inContinue reading “Spectral Ponies”

She Mistook My Brogues For Acorns

Barrie and Vicki dropped in this morning to present me with Barrie’s new book, ‘Walking in the Sea’. I look forward to reading it. Ever since my lingering cold in August, I have been feeling decidedly under par, so Jackie persuaded me to visit the GP, made the appointment, and drove me there. After aContinue reading “She Mistook My Brogues For Acorns”

Communing With Ponies

Today we ventured out. Firstly, I made my way down the garden to admire Aaron’s work of yesterday. Perusal of the last two photographs featured on 26th June last year show what this now bare patch looked like then. For the rest of that summer I cleared most of what was growing there, and invadingContinue reading “Communing With Ponies”