A Footpath, A Carpet, And An Oak


DitchThis morning I encased my right knee in a crepe bandage and hobbled along Hordle Lane to the footpath alongside Apple Court Garden and back.

Now the leg has toothache. That’s it. My rambling will be  done in my head until further notice.

The ditches are now pretty full, and pools still lie on the fields, although the tarmac no longer carries water.

As you walk along almost any lane in this area between the sea and the New Forest, each step provides a different view of the landscape. I have shown before how the wind sweeping across it tends to shape the direction of trees, particularly those in open spaces. The bent oak in the next three photographs demonstrates this point.Landscape with bent oak 1Landscape with bent oak 2Landscape with bent oak 3Snowdrops 1Snowdrops 2Snowdrops 3Snowdrops 4

Footpath 2Footpath 3A thick pile white and green carpet lines the roadside alongside Apple Court Garden. Upon closer examination you discover that the woven woollen strands that form this covering are aptly named snowdrops threaded through the mulch of the undergrowth.

The footpath between the nursery and the neighbouring garden, with its greenhouse and birches, was rather waterlogged.Footpath 1Greenhouse and trees

Jackie produced two different rice dishes, each of which was a meal in itself, for our dinner this evening. These were special fried, and mushroom versions. They were, however, accompanied by a rack of pork ribs marinaded in barbecue sauce, and followed by syrup sponge and custard. My lady drank Hoegaarden and i continued with the Bordeaux.


  1. The trees and the snowdrops are beautiful. I love the reflection of the sky in the field puddle too. I know that knee toothache pain – especially when it is cold. Rest, gentle stretches and keeping warm … hopefully Spring weather will help!

  2. I enjoy seeing the photos from your daily ramble [even if I fail to mention it at the time] so I hope the toothache eases from your knee asap and you can resume your walking regime. If you don’t walk and continue to eat your wife’s delicious and delectable meals who knows where your waistline will go! Do try the gentle stretches, I have heard they help relieve arthritis symptoms also.

  3. Lovely photos Derrick! So sorry about your knee, I hope it feels better soon. I have rather advanced arthritis in both of my knees and they always pain me so, so I know how that can put a damper on getting out and exploring. Take it easy for a while and enjoy the rambling in your head, and that good cooking in the meantime! 🙂

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