Gore Tex

The promised rain arrived today. Aaron and Robin came to finish the rose garden paving, but the weather defeated them.

Hay bales

I took a brief amble down to Roger’s field, where he has baled up his hay. This gloomy day demonstrates the value of sunlight in photography.

Raindrops on pigeon feather

There are always a few pigeon quills, fashioned in Gore Tex, scattered on the verges of Downton Lane. According to the maker’s advertising, ‘GoreTex is a waterproof, breathable fabric membrane and registered trademark of W. L. Gore and Associates. Invented in 1969, GoreTex is able to repel liquid water while allowing water vapour to pass through, and is designed to be a lightweight, waterproof fabric for all-weather use.’

In my running days I was most grateful to Mr Gore, for this clothing afforded my sweat an egress, yet kept out the rain; although it didn’t prove to be a good idea to put his product through the washing machine.

This afternoon, on TV, I watched the clash of the titans that was the Wimbledon men’s final. The first two sets occupied two hours, each going to tie breaks, and one to each player. Just after the start of the third, our rain reached SW19, and a short interval ensued, during which I wandered out into the garden, where plants, such as

Day lily

day lilies


and begonias welcomed water slipping down their throats;


and every poppy kept its head down.

That was the enforced intermission that heralded a change in the momentum of the match. Djokovic ran away with the next two sets to beat Federer 3-1.

Jackie has been unwell today, so we were unable to attend Helen and Bill’s family party. Becky and Ian popped in afterwards, bringing birthday presents for each of us from themselves, from the party hosts, and from Shelley and Ron.

After this my catering task was quite simple really. All I had to do was defrost and heat up Jackie’s chicken jalfrezi, egg fried rice, and a naan, with my share of which I finished the cabernet sauvignon.



  1. Rest well, Jackie. Now that the tennis finals are over you can set the under gardener to work 🙂
    I like the light when the sun is behind clouds, Derrick; for photography, that is. I hear that the cattle don’t like round bales of hay: they can’t get a square meal out of them.

  2. I too had a lost Sunday – first the Moto GP race from Germany then that mesmerising final at Wimbledon. A true couch potato am I. Get well soon, Jackie.

  3. What a nifty analogy comparing the water repelling properties of flowers to Gore-tex. Most clever! Hope the missus is feeling better today.

  4. I’ve been in love with Gore Tex for years – about the only wick-away clothes that work when walking. Even in the gloom the blooms look marvellous

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