Singapore Prints

This morning we drove Elizabeth to The Coastal Gallery in Lymington, where we admired good art works at, for us, prohibitive prices. On our return, my sister and I completed the task of printing Mr. Boyle’s black and white negatives from 1950s Singapore for Frances.

Patricia 003

Here Patricia enjoys the swimming pool,

Patricia and friend 002

and in the garden with a local friend.

Frances 012

The artistic photographer pictured Frances gazing out to sea.

Frances, her Mum, and others 004

Perhaps mother and daughters are loading this van, or maybe making a purchase.

Frances's Dad 026

Here the sisters’ father sits reading.

Frances, Catherine and Patricia 007

He photographed them together,

Francis 020

and separately Frances,

Catherine 022


Patricia 029

and Patricia.

Clouds and seaSilhouettes on shore

Danni and Andy joined us for lunch, after which we all drove to Barton on Sea, where the threatening clouds did not drop their precipitation, as they were penetrated by Jesus beams.

Danni and Andy

The young couple sat a bit closer to the edge of the clifftop than would have suited me. We ambled down to the shore so that Danni could dip her toes in the water.

Back at home we played Scrabble, until it was time for us all to dine at The Smugglers Inn at Milford on Sea. The service was friendly and efficient, the ambience convivial, and the food excellent. My choice was beef and horseradish pie, new potatoes and vegetables. I drank Doom Bar. None of us had room for a sweet.


  1. Now you mention doom bar again. I gather you like it but I don’t think you are a home brewer. If I want to clone it I first need to know what Barley malts are in it. eg crystal or chocolate malt or any of a dozen or so and also the hops. eg fuggles, northern brewer.etc. I just th. ought there might be something on the bottle

    1. Sorry, John. Nothing on the bottle. Just, what I’ve taken from Google. The brewer is Sharp’s of Rock in Cornwall, although the bottled versions are produced elsewhere, such as Burton-on-Trent.

    1. Thank you Luanne. I have a lot myself, and friends and family often bring me theirs to work on. Brother-in-law is bringing his parents’ wedding photos over today, in preparation for their 70th anniversary party.

      1. It must be very time consuming to work on all these photos. Whenever I get started on the project, I am surprised how quickly the time passes!

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