A Burst Of Summer

Mike, the Perfect Plastering and Plumbing man who came this morning to replace our leaking outside taps, not only did a very good job with them, but also turned out to be an Apple user, and gave me advice subsequently confirmed by the iMac adviser.

The news about the iPhoto disaster, like the curate’s egg, is good in parts. When the latest edition of the Yosemite operating system was installed, iPhoto was superseded by Photos. I didn’t use that because I was reluctant to change from the application with which I was familiar. However, without my realising it, all my photographic work had been automatically copied into Photos. Thereafter I had happily continued to use iPhoto, but there was no further entry to Photos. That, I should have been doing myself.

There is no way of recovering the deleted iPhoto files. The last images entered into Photos were therefore inserted on the updating day in May this year. All photographic work carried out between then and yesterday has been lost.

Thankfully, everything posted on WordPress remains on the blog, so it could have been worse.

Since the end of July I have been unable to use e-mail on the iMac. Whilst I had Apple Care on the phone, I asked Leonel, the excellent adviser, to sort that out for me. He did.

So, it wasn’t all bad.

As so often in September, we are experiencing a late burst of warm and sunny weather, called ‘an Indian summer’.

Rose garden

The benefits are seen in the rose garden,

rose New Dawn

where New Dawn is now blooming.

View along Pergola Path

Paths, such as the Pergola one, are still surrounded by lush plants.

Butterflies Small White on lobeliabutterfly Small White on lobelia

The air fluttered with Small White butterflies, seemingly auditioning for Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, ‘The Birds’.

Insect on bidens

A small insect, possibly an ant, clung to tiny bidens.

Red hot poker

We have several clusters of light, almost chocolate-coloured red hot pokers.

When I had finished the lengthy phone call I helped Jackie finish bagging up the rubble left over from Aaron’s brickwork, and spreading the last bit of gravel. After lunch we transported the rubble to Efford recycling centre. As I prepared to enter the car, the Head Gardener politely sent me back inside for my wallet. Naturally, she had no wish to visit the municipal dump without investigating the sales area. We came away with two more mirrors, and two more garden chairs.

As usual yesterday’s set meal for three from Hordle Chinese Take Away provided plenty left over for our dinner tonight. Jackie drank Hoegaarden, and I finished the shiraz.



  1. The rose garden is looking fabulous. The “chocolate-coloured red hot pokers” I read initially as “chocolate-covered red hot pokers” – and I thought the Head Gardener may have got the garden muddled with the kitchen!

  2. I am also very frightened to fiddle. I have some unasked for program that I don’t use which was downloaded because the delete X was actually an instal but google says it can cause all sorts of problems if you try to uninstal. I wish I still had teeth and then I could chew on an Apple again.

  3. Of course the loss of your photos are not permanent; you just need to talk to someone smarter than the last bloke you spoke to. I last used Photos in June; I hated it and since have reverted back to iPhoto. One time someone at Apple fiddled with my computer and recovered every single photos I’d ever taken, including all the ones I’d deleted. It was so annoying but it also meant that nothing is ever permanently erased.

  4. I think Mary may be right. often the geniuses at Apple say something can’t be done and I email my cousin’s husband who says “What? Of course you can.” the rose garden is really beautiful.

  5. We are hanging on to the last bits of summer here too. Bummer about your photos, but hooray for WordPress! Technology is a real stinker sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing another walk through the garden.

  6. These are beautiful! I am still mourning the loss of many of my photos on iphoto too. I spent month tracing my steps retaking any local ones. It is very time consuming to save them all on some external device. I have to continually make sure I don’t click update accidentally. They should put a big warning sign for new users.

  7. That garden is lovely and the mirror is ever a beautiful focus point. Goodness there is so much blooming still. My fave photo this time is the one with the bee on the yellow flower, because of the blue in the background. Those colours are great together. I can totally relate to the pain of losing photos. Heartbreak.

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