A Burst Of Summer

Mike, the Perfect Plastering and Plumbing man who came this morning to replace our leaking outside taps, not only did a very good job with them, but also turned out to be an Apple user, and gave me advice subsequently confirmed by the iMac adviser. The news about the iPhoto disaster, like the curate’s egg,Continue reading “A Burst Of Summer”

Cream Tea Crawl

On 15th September, Ron’s parents will have been married for 70 years. This morning, he brought me their wedding album, from which he has given me the honour of making some prints for a commemorative book he is compiling. So keen was I to show him how I would go about it that I scanned oneContinue reading “Cream Tea Crawl”

Monochrome Moods

On this bright, cloudy, morning I walked as far as the rusting machinery along Roger’s footpath. To my left, clouds scudded across Christchurch Bay which reflected the bright blue of the sky; to my right, I could glimpse the rape field on the other side of Christchurch Road. In our garden, I struggled to catchContinue reading “Monochrome Moods”

A Dictionary Battle

A very dull afternoon was brightened by the tubs at the front that Jackie had planted up in the morning; and the trills of songbirds in the trees, as I wandered around the garden. iPhoto, aided by the Canon SX700 HS lens, helped me to transform a tiny black silhouette high up in a tree into aContinue reading “A Dictionary Battle”

Revealing The Ancestors

We have a stairway the walls of which we are reserving for photographs of those we call the ancestors. A start was made with the Norwood School for the Sons of Gentlemen featured in ‘One For Rebekah’. Beside that print hangs a wedding photograph from Jackie’s family. From the clothes worn by the group of family andContinue reading “Revealing The Ancestors”

Is This Orlaigh? 2

After I had walked down to the postbox and back, the rain set in for the day. I amused myself scanning more of my loose negatives, viz. fifteen from the summer of 1982. That year water pistols were all the rage, and Sam was delighted to be introduced to them by Matthew and Becky inContinue reading “Is This Orlaigh? 2”

Is This Orlaigh?

Last night I finished reading ‘No Cloak, No Dagger’, by Benjamin Cowburn.  Geoff Grandfield’s dramatic illustrations perfectly enhance the pages of this Folio Society edition of the author’s reminiscences of ‘Allied Spycraft in Occupied France’ during the Second World War. The book is well written and without exaggeration records Cowburn’s experiences including being one ofContinue reading “Is This Orlaigh?”

Clipped Wings

Continuing with the card-making process, I began by trying to understand why, when printing through iPhoto on the computer, pictures were being cropped in a frustratingly restrictive way.  In many instances this did not matter much, but when it came to a butterfly having its wings clipped this was intolerable.  So I got up thisContinue reading “Clipped Wings”

Robin Ghyll

Even at midday today a block of ice filled the birdbath.  After lunch I walked the Shave Wood loop.  Apart from Ari and Jackie who stopped their car for a long chat, I saw no other humans. Only three ponies were in evidence.  One tore dead branches from a fallen tree, perhaps for the lichen.Continue reading “Robin Ghyll”