Lymington Quay

On a wet, mild, morning, I inserted the penultimate section into the garden album, and printed the final batch of photographs.

This afternoon Jackie drove us to Lymington quay and back. She left me to find Dials Antique Clocks, recommended yesterday by Highcliff Watchmakers, while she went in search of Peacocks and baby clothes.

Dials antique clocks

We were both successful. Dials has a most picturesque location at the corner of Quay Street. The clock repairer was happy to tackle a traditional clock bought by Michael for Jessica and me about 35 years ago. He didn’t do battery operated digital clocks like Mum’s carriage clock that had become so corroded that, when Elizabeth cleaned it, the contacts fell off. When I explained that it was one I had bought my mother many years ago, and bore my name as part of her identification of presents to be returned to the donor when the time comes, he changed his mind, although warned me of the cost., which is really not a factor. I have, incidentally, told Mum that I don’t any longer give her a present I wouldn’t want back at a later date.

Lymington Quay 1

I left the clocks at the shop and wandered back to the still water.

Boats 1Boats 2Boats 3

The only real sign of life, where the boats were all moored, was of the sea birds.

Gull and smaller bird

A wagtail bravely advances towards a gull.


Speaking of gulls, surely this mongrel pigeon has at least dual heritage.

Swan preening

Swans were busy preening,

Mallards 2

and a pair of sleepy mallards dozed to the rippling sway of their rowing boat.

For our dinner this evening Jackie produced her delicious lamb jalfrezi, chicken tikka, onion and mushroom rice, and an onion bhaji. I drank Old Crafty Hen and The Cook chose sparkling water.

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I am a septuagenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs

37 thoughts on “Lymington Quay

  1. So glad you found someone to repair the clocks. 15 or so years ago, my father gave me a kitchen clock that had been in his parent’s home his whole life. It was probably a wedding present to my grandparents. It wasn’t working because someone had wound it too tight, and as I found out when I took it to a clock maker, it was ‘very dirty.’ It’s been in my home since I got it back, cleaned and repaired, apparently ready to work another hundred years! I love your brindle pigeon. Aren’t their feet a beautiful color?

      1. We have them here; I think of them as harlequin (or piebald). BTW, I bought two of your friend Barrie’s books today–the one you recommended and one about building a garden on a dump site. They looked just what I needed!

      1. We had a pair of wagtails living in the roof of a barn where we parked the car. They had the annoying habit of perching on the doors and pecking at their reflections in the wing mirrors. In the end I had to wrap each mirror in a black bin liner to keep them off. Not a good look.

  2. After a busy day of clean up from Thanksgiving’s feast (3 dishwasher loads and washing by hand as well) and the searching out of acceptable new Christmas tree lights–why on earth do they have an orange light in the bunch? with purple?–I was glad to rest and get a smile from your post. Restful, pleasing signs of life.(Yes, our family meal yesterday went exceptionally well, with love being the best part of the while; thank you for oyur interest.)

      1. Probably trying for purple and gold – my favourite combination from the 70s. My twisted mind also flew to the “boomerang” presents (the ones that come back to the sender) – so, I suppose you don’t gift your mum pretty nighties? 😂

      2. Hahaha – I must have been having a psychic moment. You both look delightfully bohemian. As if dressed up for an impromptu performance in Isadora Duncan’s parlour, or something like that. Chris could play a woodland nymph?

  3. Love the photo of the old clock shop, here – a quaint area like that would be razed and replaced with a ‘chrome ‘N’ glass’ structure!
    Where did Jackie learn to cook so well?

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