Traffic Control


Most of our roses are now in bloom.

Rose Laura Ford

We have, for example, Laura Ford;

rose Summer Time

Summer Time;

Summer Wine 1rose Summer Wine 2

and, sharing the blue painted arch with Madame Alfred Carière, Summer Wine;

Front garden

whilst the pink ones at the front are beginning to festoon the trellis.

A couple of times in recent days, when we haven’t had time to stop, we have seen ponies in the forest attached to very young, limpet-like foals, their Pelham puppet legs only just out of the box. Today we went in search of some. For the first hour we saw none. It is a Bank Holiday weekend, and Jackie speculated that the parents had led their babies off into the forest for their protection from grockles and their groping fingers.


All we encountered was lowing cattle leading their larger offspring across our path.

Pony and foal 1

Then, at last, on the moor along the Beaulieu/Brockenhurst road, our patience was rewarded.

Ponies and foal 2

This mare and her foal were part of a larger group, initially keeping their distance.

Ponies and foal 1

The mother decided to lead her infant away from the others,

Ponies and foal 2

but, despite an abrupt change of direction, couldn’t shake off the determined member of a smaller breed who was clearly well imprinted, so,

Pony and foal crossing road 1

Pony and foal crossing road 2

in a vain attempt to escape, she initiated her lanky infant into the arts of traffic control.

Pony crossing road

The rest of the team loyally followed.

Pony and foal 2

Further on, its mother close enough, another young pony dared to be inquisitive.


It jerked to its feet when she moved a few metres away, reached the safety of her flanks,

Pony and foal 3

and stood, chomping, alongside the mare.

This evening we dined at Royal China in Lymington, where we enjoyed the usual excellent food with very friendly service. We shared chicken satay, king prawns in a chilli sauce, and plain chow mein with bean shoots; and both drank Tsingtao beer.


  1. Food sounds great, the roses are beautiful, but, oh, that foal! Love those legs, love everything about the little creature.

  2. Another day in paradise! Your roses are a sight to behold and so are the foals. I’m still amazed at the wandering across the road.

  3. Your roses are so beautiful! I bet your garden smells lovely, too!
    I love the photos of the ponies–the foals with those long legs are adorable.

  4. I was worried that you would get run over while pursuing those ponies; the photographer does not have right of way like his subject! I’m glad you risked it 🙂

  5. Just the cutest little tiny wobbly legs on that dark foal, Derrick. The tan goal with white marking down its nose was sturdier and equally adorable. Horses are so special in my mind, so smart and clever. Going across roads seems to be putting their young in harm’s way but seems like a way in their lives.

    1. Thank you Robin. The tan one mustr have been a little older. I’m glad you noticed that. Actually these ponies don’t have a reputation for intelligence, and absolutely no traffic sense. Drivers are bound to report injury or death

  6. How kind your country is to animals! They get to just be in the forest!!
    Is the imprinted pony a juvenile too, or just thinking of the mom and infant as his herd to follow? Do you think she’ll let him in?

    1. I think the imprinted one is adult, a little bigger than a Shetland; and consequently must be wanting to be part of the family. Thank you, Claire

  7. Derrick, you may have answered this some other time, but are the cows and horses the property of someone and is the land held in common and by whom?

    1. The animals are all owned by commoners by right of residence and ownership of approximately 10% of the land, the greater part still belonging to the crown. Thanks for the interest, John

  8. seems to me with that kind of feast and the glory of a foal to remind you of why horses are truly the most spiritual animal, I should be digging my tunnel even more rapidly toward your neck of the woods

  9. THAT is what I remember of the New Forest and THAT is what I miss about England … the roses – yes, they have them here (sorry Texas, I know you think you own roses on account of the yellow one) but the scent just jumps off your page and I find myself giddily inhaling like the fool that I am. And the reference to Pelham Puppets … it made me smile broadly on account of my maternal grandmother whose vicar (he married me first time round) was of the puppet dynasty 🙂

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