‘We’re On Holiday’


Rose Desire

Jackie has planted one or two roses on the back drive. Given that they cost £1.49 each at Poundstretcher this one is inappropriately named ‘Dearest’ yet it has surprised us with its powerful, yet delicate, scent.

After a sniff round the garden, my Lady drove me on a circuitous route to Hatchet Pond and back.

Pond reflection 1

Glimpsing a large reflective pool through trees at the bottom of Pilley Hill, I asked to be disembarked in order to investigate.


This was the larger building turned upside down;

Pond reflection 3

and this another.

Cow drinking 1Cattle at pool

Cattle obligingly clambered down to the pool to drink.

Cow reflected

They, too, were reflected.

Ponies and foals

Around the next bend ponies and their foals were keeping residents’ grass in order.

Cygnets and gulls

At Hatchet Pond we found that the cygnets are growing up,

Swans and cygnets

but remain uncertain what to do with their legs.

Mother and child, gulls, ducks, jackdaw, poniesChild, duck, gulls, ponies

There were many visitors to the water on this, the hottest day of the year so far.

Swan, ducks, gulls, ponies

Gull and reflection

Swans, gulls, and ducks, of course, live there.


Cattle on Hatchet Pond

Cow in Hatchet Pond

Cattle drank and bathed.

Photographer and cattle

I was not the only photographer.

Brothers and sister paddling 1

Boys and sister paddling 2

Two brothers and their elegant little sister were also enjoying a paddle.

Father and boys at ducks and drakesFamily at ducks and drakes

The father and boys played ducks and drakes, and were joined by mother and daughter with whom I had been chatting.

Girl paddling

The delightful little girl announced that they were on holiday.

Donkey and foal

On the far side of the pond a donkey and her foal were snuggling among the shrubs,

Ponies reflected

and grazing ponies flanked an appropriate warning sign.

Incidentally I have often been asked about ownership of the forest’s free-roaming animals. Although they are free to roam they are owned by commoners with grazing rights. This explains the collars and tags usually seen around necks, or, in the case of cattle, pinned on their ears.

Much watering of plants was required this afternoon.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s delicious sausage casserole, creamy mashed potato and swede, and perfect runner beans. This was followed by Tesco’s sublime strawberry trifle which we would have eaten with Jessie and Guru on Saturday had I not somewhat redistributed its constituents by dropping it (with its lid on) on the floor. Jackie drank her Hoegaarden and Bavaria mix, while I drank Gilbert & Gaillard Les 3 Couronnes Côtes du Rhône 2014


  1. I love pictures with water reflections. I don’t know why. Yours are beautiful. I particularly like the top upside down building, the cows, the bird in flight, and the little girl.

    No worries about watering here. We’re in the midst of a heavy thunderstorm right now!

  2. Well, that’s one way to ensure the pudding doesn’t get shared! The reflection photos are lovely today Derrick and of course the little girl is just gorgeous – I hope you will share this photo with her mum and dad – they will love it I’m sure. I didn’t know that about the animals, I suppose I assumed they belonged to nobody, but now I think that through I can see that is a silly assumption 🙂 

  3. I love the reflections shots, Derrick. It looks as thought the cows and the children have the right idea on such a hot day. The little girl on holiday is precious!

  4. Always a pleasure to view your beautiful photos. The reflections are stunning. I especially like the first one of the building, so clear and yet striped horizontally with the lines of grass. The portrait of the little girl is frame-able. The water, both behind and in front of her, looks like a painting.

  5. What a delightful place on a hot day. The image of the little girl in the striped dress in the water is particularly lovely.

  6. La fille est un petite poupée … what blissful pictures and I adore that rose – £1.49 n’est pas plus cher!

      1. It amuses me to see you speaking French and using my name …. the Mair who married us struggled valiantly with his lack of long O’s and Th’s …. happy memories provoked 🙂

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