Early this morning I stepped out into the garden to investigate the final work that Jackie did on Margery’s bed yesterday.

LobeliasMargery's Bed 1Margery's Bed 2

First she took out some unwanted plants, then replenished the soil and planted more lobelias.

Bee infuchsia

Before returning to my armchair I spotted many bees foraging among the New Bed fuchsias, and photographed one.

This afternooon I received a link to this short animated film

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBrJTzsvX3Q&w=420&h=315]

by Jim who had asked for permission to use one of my photographs as a backdrop. I like the clarity of the simple message, and what he has done with my image.

The rest of the afternoon, I was a couch potato watching the Olympics.

For our dinner this evening, Jackie produced chicken tikka, rice and peas, and vegetable samosas. She drank Hoegaarden and I abstained.


  1. I think Jackie did a great job, especially if the bees think so too. I have only been checking-in on the Olympics, I can’t seem to get interested in some of the sports. Tell Jim, I love his video and thank you for giving it a happy ending.

    1. Many thanks, GP. Actually, I don’t know Jim. He found my picture on the internet and asked if he could use it. I only watched because I wasn’t fit enough for anything else. 🙂

  2. A great treat as usual to see the images in your post though a bit saddened by the animated story. God knows how many dogs are bought as gifts for young kids and then just abandoned later because the children outgrow the initial desire and the parents couldn’t care less. Sometimes it is also directly adults who abandon their pets because they are moving. Thank heavens some find a second home. My dog was taken at a kennel, abandoned at birth on a garbage pile in the desert together with her siblings 🙁 . Humans are truly capable of such beauty and such cruelty! Sorry to spoil your beautiful post with the venting.

    1. What you said needed to be said, Geetha. I’m sure the filmmaker is grateful to have elicited emotional responses to his project. I live in an area full of ‘abandoned’ dogs confined by their owners and bark non stop out of frustration and want of attention.

      1. I feel much the same as Geetha. When I was a young girl and building was going on around us, I was forever finding dumped puppies and kittens, and gained quite a reputation for knocking on doors to find someone to give them a home. Later, one of my chidlhood dogs came from a shelter. Congrats to Derrick for his photographic achievement!

    2. Vent away, Geetha. Our dogs came from shelters or were strays. Becky’s Scooby was left crying in an unmanned Police Pound over a Bank Holiday weekend. Matthew had to break in to rescue him. He had neither food nor water. Thank you

  3. Wonderful photos, as usual, Derrick, and wonderful, too, to have contributed to the video. Jim’s video is very touching. Well done.
    For some reason, the sound in it got my cats’ attention. (They’re both from a shelter.)

  4. Jim made very good use of your photo Derrick. My poor heart sank at the appropriate place and even the happy ending couldn’t quite get me out of the horror of what happens to some trusting animals! It is to be hoped that someone who needs to learn, sees this video. Great share!!

  5. When I was a child, we had a whole pack of dogs that had been abandoned. My father often rescued them from the roadside and we turned them all into pets. I hope the film does its work on those who need it.

  6. Jackie was a busy bee…it looks great!
    “The rest of the afternoon, I was a couch potato watching the Olympics.” Great line, Derrick. I hope you’re feeling better.

  7. Oh, Derrick – I was so saddened at the video – it just tore my heart, although I know these things happen and I know I shouldn’t hide from them – But the happy ending made it bearable. Thank God for that. And I think it made the point so much more solid than if it had not had a happy ending. I am proud of you for supporting such goodness. Our house is in a constant state of upheaval from all of the abandoned (usually pregnant) friends we take in. We do what we can – and I love to see that you are also doing the same. Hugs to your loving heart.

  8. Derrick, your photograph as a backdrop really emphasized the wild nature. I liked Jim’s message and his happy ending for the pup.
    I also liked the beautiful bee photo! 🙂

  9. I read about people abandoning their pets in book by James Herriot and it happens. My friend who has such a shelter was telling about students leaving their pet dogs on the streets when they finish their studies. Only humans are so cruel. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for the video! We are our local animal shelter supporter. During winter, people at the workplace collects toys and blankets for them.

  10. Sweet video! As for the Olympics – it is so easy to become enslaved by the couch, but I’m putting up a fairly good fight. I have to say American TV is doing a rather poor job of showing sports where other nations than their own shine, so as a Swede, I tire easily of their myopic focus.

  11. Fabulous colours within your boarders dear Derrick.. I am slowly replacing my front boarders with perennials to say work in planting each year.. 🙂 Thank you for sharing the film clip also 🙂

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