After The Drift


When Aaron and Sean cleared space for the promised greenhouse, they stacked the cut branches at the end of the Back Drive.


I chopped or broke them into manageable sizes and filled two of our large orange containers with them. There is still enough for two more bags. Jackie and I took them to the dump and returned with a very large saucer for a big planter tub.

Bee and small wihite butterfly, verbena bonarensis and fuchsia

Bee on verbena bonarensisWhile I worked, big black bees and Small White butterflies were equally busy alongside me among the fuchsias and the verbena bonarensises in the New Bed.

From the recycling centre we went on a driveabout.


At Sway we came across a group of ponies bearing the identification marks showing that they had experienced The Drift.

Pony 1

When I featured this annual event, I explained that tails were clipped, collars replaced, and branding applied. This animal displays all three.

Pony 2

It was actually quite difficult to show the cuts on the tails because they were constantly being used as fly whisks.

Pony 4

Wherever the creature had rolled in the mud, it had besmirched its nice new collar;

Pony 3

whilst this one’s bath had obscured its brand.

We visited Milford on Sea to investigate the fortunes of Mr Pink’s Fish and Chips since its recent fire. Unfortunately it is closed until further notice.

Hurst Point Lighthouse

The shingle and the rocks along the coastline were well populated, as can be seen by this shot of Hurst Point Lighthouse, the story of which can be seen here:


Others were bathing in the water,

Couple on shingle

seated on folding chairs,

People on beach

reading newspapers, or flashing tattoos.

This evening we dined on duck breasts in plum sauce; roast new potatoes in their jackets and peppers in chillies and herbs; and crisp carrots and green beans. I finished the Fleurie.


    1. Thank you walksandrambles. I’m afraid it was Tesco’s finest – sauce supplied. When we have Jackie’s recipes I always say the meal is Jackie’s, so happy to oblige on others.

  1. We have green waste collection once a fortnight. The waste is taken to the tip and recycled. Garbage and recyclable waste (sorted) are collected once a week. Household waste are collected once a fortnight – this brings out the most interesting ‘collectables’ for gleaners – furniture, plant pots and the like.

    Nice to see the ponies in recovery.

    It’s strange to see so many fully clothed people on the beach. Usually I am the only one 🙂

    1. Thanks, Mary. Our green waste is collected, but the bags are far too small for our stuff. Garbage and recyclable both once a week, bigger stuff you have to pay extra for, so we do it ourselves while we still can.

  2. Did I miss Mr Pink’s fire while I was either partying or getting over the flu? And I am highly amused at the thought of all those post-drift ponies determinedly going incognito ……….

  3. Gardens, ponies, and beach–then your delicious dinner. It sounds like a wonderful day.
    The photos are beautiful. I was amazed at the detail you can see on the bee. The ponies look very content. I liked the beach shots, too–quite a stony beach.

    1. Many thanks, Merril. Yes, there is no sand on that beach. The bee was taken with the little point and shoot camera – it is amazing for that kind of pic which is actually quite a big crop

  4. Bumblebee was so fuzzy, detailed. I liked the beach and lighthouse in the distance. I really like ponies and horses, too. Your photos were wonderful, Derrick.

  5. Great description with lovely pictures as always and in the end you never fail to make my mouth water with the yummy menu details… loved it.. like always. Thanks for sharing Derrick!!

      1. Your close-up pics make me highly aware of the limitations of my digital point-&-shoot camera, which flaunts on its body that it does 3.2 MP, which was high, once. I joke that it carries an endorsement by Louis Daguerre. I tried photographing ladybirds (as it turned out, their pupae) on our runner beans, to post on a Facebook page to seek some ID, and the results were embarrassing, mainly because the focus is a minimum of half a metre, not much good for creatures only about 7 or 8mm across. The group still identified them for me, though (and no-one laughed about my antediluvian camera, bless ’em!)

        1. Believe it or not, my close-ups are best when taken with the point and shoot. It took me a while to find the macro facility on mine. Let me have a look at yours when next we meet.

  6. All the pictures are wonderful but that little bumble steals it for me …. He looks so furry and cuddly and snugly on his flower …. Adorable

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