All My Ducks In A Row

On a bright, fresh, and crisp morning we took a drive into the forest. Slanting sunshine set the thawing frost glistening and lengthened shadows. We tried a visit to Tanner’s Lane. This meant driving between rows of parked vehicles with no turning space. I walked while Jackie turned back. We had imagined this little hiddenContinue reading “All My Ducks In A Row”

After The Drift

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. When Aaron and Sean cleared space for the promised greenhouse, they stacked the cut branches at the end of the Back Drive. I chopped or┬ábroke them into manageable sizes and filled two of our large orange containers with them. There is still enough for two more bags.Continue reading “After The Drift”

Privilege Customer

No matter how thorough you try to be in pulling up and eradicating brambles, there are always some that catch your eye as you wander around. For this reason I went on a bramble hunt today. Some, by now, are announcing their presence with blossom and budding fruit; others are so long and straggly theyContinue reading “Privilege Customer”