Frisky Cattle, Somnolent Ponies

Hot, flyblown, weather has returned.This afternoon we took a short drive into the forest. Cattle at East Boldre were surprisingly energetic in the humid heat. They travelled quickly across the moorland, interrupting their grazing with a mounting amount of head-butting. More somnolent ponies took what shelter they could from the East Boldre bus hut. OneContinue reading “Frisky Cattle, Somnolent Ponies”

After The Drift

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. When Aaron and Sean cleared space for the promised greenhouse, they stacked the cut branches at the end of the Back Drive. I chopped or┬ábroke them into manageable sizes and filled two of our large orange containers with them. There is still enough for two more bags.Continue reading “After The Drift”


Pausing to admire one of the freshly flowering cherries in the front garden, we took an early morning drive through forest to Eyeworth Pond and back. Sometimes the heathland, after the burning of the gorse, can appear like a Paul Nash landscape. So it was today. As we approached Burley, I spotted a pony appearingContinue reading “Synchronicity”