Everlasting Sweet Peas?

James Peacock brought back the cured iMac and checked everything was all plugged in and  working well. He also worked out the CR2 format problem. This was because the camera was set to film in RAW mode, and CR2 is the format for that. I had not noticed it before because the Mac automatically converts to jpg for WordPress; whereas the Microsoft appears to please itself whether it does or not. Given Microsoft’s current advertising campaign in which a series of alleged Windows users work in the phrase “I couldn’t do that with a Mac” I wondered whether Apple would take this opportunity to retaliate with “Derrick couldn’t do that with his Windows”. I am up for negotiation. Interestingly, a set designer called Beowulf, in the first of these adverts, stated “I couldn’t do that with my Mac”. The “a” quite swiftly replaced “my”.

I therefore spent some time inserting the missing pictures into ‘No Resolution’ and ‘The Never Ending Summer’.

Raindrops on sweet peas

During the process of unravelling the CR2 issue, I nipped out and photographed the seemingly everlasting sweet peas. These are not, in fact, Lathyrus latifolius, but ordinary annuals which this year are thriving forever. Perhaps it is the sunshine and showers that keep them going.

Beef stew

The mashed potato served with Jackie’s bountiful beef stew this evening was as smooth as the main dish was packed with goodies. With this, the Culinary Queen drank Hoegaarden and I finished the madiran.


  1. The perennial Windows/Mac controversy… I cut my computer teeth on an old Apple way back when… then had to use Mac when employed in a university setting, then had to use Windows in a business setting. I think it’s all in what you are used to. Still, I am most at home with the nice little Macbook Air on which I am typing this….

  2. Smooth ash reminds me of a supper many years ago when my brother in law who has spent most of his life in various hospitals and secure institutions on account of his schizophrenia was at the table. ‘I do like to find lumps in my mash’ he said …. I’ve tried to keep a few ever after in his honour – he is truly one of the best and most talented fellows you will ever meet.

  3. Bravo, Mr. Peacock! Derrick, I spent 60 minutes at the paint shop this morning. Their two computers weren’t syncing together and they couldn’t come up with the correct paint formula to mix my color. Groan…………
    They suggested I drive 30 miles (round trip) to the next paint store.
    By the way, I got a message three times that I could not post my comment. I’m not kidding you!

    1. When I first used a little book our predecessors had left us to find a cab firm, I chose the one given as Valium Cabs – it turned out to be Galleon Cabs. 🙂

      1. Oh, that’s hysterical! Reminds me of my sister thinking the doctor said, “You need to get a manual breast exam.” “Does it have to be manual?” she asked and the doctor replied, “I said annual.”

    1. Thank you, Merril. I have, indeed. And James Peacock has set up screen sharing for any other problems I might have – since I haven’t a clue how to use half the facilities that might be quite useful

  4. The humor and dry wit is always a treat in your writing, Derrick. (“Tongue in cheek”)
    The pretty, delicate flowers look like what I may erroneously call “sweet peas.”
    Your photos are a delight.
    The food looks delicious and I was just saying I mash my potatoes once they get sift enough in a chicken based soup to add texture and full me up. Jackie’s got this down to a “trademark!” 🙂

  5. So glad you got your computer issues fixed. Apple or Windows – when it comes to the nitty gritty, I will be floundering either way. It can be SO aggravating…

  6. I don’t know much about all the photograph formats and things, Derrick. I use a Mac at home and Windows computers at work. I have to say I prefer my Mac. There are a ton of things I couldn’t do with a Windows computer. Of course, strictly speaking, I probably could do them. I just don’t know how to. Incidentally, the beef stew looks rather tasty.

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