On The Beach (2)


Darting pin points of fleeting snow given added impetus by biting winds crossing Christchurch Bay failed to deter family out to enjoy fun on the sand, despite this morning’s gloom necessitating the use of car headlights.

For the first time this year my fingers tingled painfully as I plied my camera while Jackie snuggled up in the car with her puzzle book. The precipitation did not settle.


Children brought their own transport into play, in the form of smart scooters

Cycling child

and a wobbly bicycle.

Woman on mobile phone

Judging by the gesticulation displayed in the twist of her free hand, one young woman was engaged in an animated mobile conversation.

Child walking on wall

A little girl put the sea wall to the use for which it was intended.

Dogs frolicked with or without their owners,

Dogs meeting on beach

and made welcome new acquaintances.

A photographer operated on the roaring waves with the use of a tripod and an extension cable.

He wasn’t so concerned with the two ferry boats coming into harbour, bearing aΒ few intrepid passengers.

Crow on beach

A crow on the sand watched the incoming waves,

Bobbin on beach

and a stranded cotton reel had once been bobbin’ on the tide.

On this second weekend of the Six Nations rugby tournament, I watched first ITV’s coverage of the game between Italy and Ireland in Rome, followed by Wales v. England on BBC in Cardiff. The first game was far too one-side to enthrall; the second one of the most thrilling I have ever seen.

Our dinner this evening (look away, Yvonne) consisted of Jackie’s hearty liver and bacon casserole, served with boiled potatoes, carrots, and curly kale. This was followed by Sicilian lemon tart and cream. Jackie drank Hoegaarden, my choice was Cimerosa Reserva Privada cabernet sauvignon 2015.


  1. You just can’t help yourself can you Derrick? Cotton Reel! Bobbin!
    Good to see the little girl on the bike WITHOUT trainer wheels!
    I sometimes wonder how I managed to grow up, and reach the age of **, without a mobile phone, forever in my hand, at my ear or in my face(texting?)
    I do have one, and I turn it on sometimes, when I know I’m going to get a call or a message.

    1. Thanks a lot, Brian. My friend Norman is contemporary with you. He was persuaded to buy a mobile phone in order to exchange texts with a nephew in Oz who has no hearing. Otherwise he never turns it on.

  2. Aha! What a day out on the beach you have given me! I could almost feel the darting pins of snow in my face, hear the prattle of children at play with wobbly transport, and see a woman gesticulating in the cold air and sand made impalpable by the phone β€”she was clearly not there. At least one of the photographers seems to have revelled in all that animation, and the inanimation of a cotton reel. You deserved that hearty breakfast, Derrick!

  3. Thank you heartily for the warning, Derrick. I didn’t even pause to see what you imbibed!

    It looked might fresh out there by the water’s edge.

  4. You are really hardy people and dedicated too to venture out in that weather. Wonderful to see so many people determined to have some fun. I can’t look at all that heavy weather gear when we’ve been having forty degrees days and thirty degrees nights (centigrade).

  5. I too am heartened to see the number of people out and about, in spite of the nasty weather.

    The young woman on the cell phone:- that one is intriguing. It makes me wonder if we are capable of having an emotionally charged conversation without body language. I don’t imagine we can.

    Enjoyable post. Thanks.

  6. I liked the various beach visitors, Derrick. The little girl on the wall captured my heart. So sweet!
    Glad to hear you felt enthralled by rugby and your dinner was delicious. πŸ™‚

  7. There’s something about the coast that always makes me feel uplifted. Same goes for the bobbin and associated puns. Nice to see Jackie joining in, as I always feel she gets stitched up. πŸ™‚

      1. I suspect it is just you, Derrick! Touhg my brother is a photographer–sells and shows his photos (don’t you as well?)–and he just gets people relaxed and agreeable. But, then, he is very friendly and charming–perhaps as you are. πŸ™‚ Guess I’m more timid with a camera than other creative tools!

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