On The Beach

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENHANCE. THOSE IN GROUPS ACCESS GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. Darting pin points of fleeting snow given added impetus by biting winds crossing Christchurch Bay failed to deter family out to enjoy fun on the sand, despite this morning’s gloom necessitating the use of car headlights. For the firstContinue reading “On The Beach”

Start Of The Six Nations

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ACCESS GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. Today I watched Six Nations Rugby. The first game, between Scotland and Ireland was played at Murrayfield, and broadcast by BBC. Pundits, like Jeremy Guscott and John Inverdale and spectators, such as James Nesbitt, are important participants. After this, ITV broadcast the match between EnglandContinue reading “Start Of The Six Nations”

A Little Tart

This morning the brilliant neck of the pheasant, joining the pigeons and doves scavenging for scraps from the smaller birds’ breakfast table, occasionally emerged from the pieris camouflage and peered expectantly awaiting the next morsel to be dropped. After our coffee I scanned some more colour slides from 1971. The photographs were all taken in the garden atContinue reading “A Little Tart”


This morning was spent making up for procrastination in various ways. My desk sits in the hall that doubles as a study. Despite the fact that I know where everything is, it does become a little untidy. Jackie never complains, but I know she would rather visitors saw some sort of order when they entered theContinue reading “Procrastination”

Inside The Deserted House

Jackie has provided me with updated information on the deserted house mentioned yesterday. Here it is:  ‘Having driven fairly regularly past this house over the years, I can report that altho’ it has lost some of it’s character, it still exists, and houses on this prestigious Surrey village green cost an absolute fortune (close to £1,000000!).Continue reading “Inside The Deserted House”


Feeling a lot better today, I was able to get up early for a visit from a BT contracted engineer. I have to report an improvement in BT’s service. Despite the wait for an appointment for someone to check the Youview box, Spencer, the specialist, arrived on time, carrying a new box in case of necessity.Continue reading “Fundraising”

Sold By Spencers Of The New Forest

On a glorious spring morning Jackie drove us to Ferndene Farm Shop in Bashley Cross Road. The ground is drying up and many pools on the roads and heathland receding. I have before photographed the shelves inside this shop which has the best produce of its kind I have sampled. The produce outside would graceContinue reading “Sold By Spencers Of The New Forest”