Driving The Buggy

Albion Mews N1 9.04 1


This morning I spent wrestling with BT over Broadband. Just before this I received a scam call purporting to come from BT Accounts. I gave the caller short shrift. I can’t be bothered to write about the Broadband – any more than anyone would like to read about it.

Later, I made more progress on weeding the Back Drive.


A new tulip has emerged in the front garden.

We brunched with Becky and Ian in the Beachcomber Café at Barton on Sea. Today’s weather was not conducive to customers eating in the garden. Had it been warmer and brighter, myriads of marauding starlings would have been swarming around the tables. As it was, they foraged in the grass and made do with worms.

This afternoon I scanned the next dozen colour slides in the Streets of London series, from September 2004.

Milner Square N1 9.04

I would have taken this shot of Milner Square, N1 on one of my visits to Parents for Children in Islington. Note the drink can and the graffito. Perhaps the lace curtain adds  a little gentility.

Islington Park Street N1 9.04

Graffito also adorns the Islington Park Street sign on a building whose residents hang their washing in the windows.

Laycock Street N1

I don’t think the Lush Cocktail Bar on Upper Street at the corner of Laycock Street is still there. The young lady passing by preferred her beverage from MacDonald’s.

Highworth Street NW1

The Phoenix is an award-winning hostel at the corner of Harrow and Highworth Streets, NW1. It surely must have started life as a public house.

Devonshire Villas N 9.04

Devonshire Villas, N. has me at a loss for identification. It does not appear in the London A-Z. Could this location be Devonia Street which was once called Devonshire Street?

Albion Mews N1 9.04 1
Albion Mews N1 9.04 2

The Barnsbury Gallery stands on Thornhill Road near the corner with Albion Mews, on which a young lady settled a toddler on the buggy footplate, presumably so he could take over the driving. The gentleman following was well ahead by the the time the little boy took charge.

Brayfield Terrace N1 9.04

This attractive mural in Brayfield Terrace N1 is perforce cheek by jowl with ugly graffiti.

Gray's Inn Road WC1 9.04

Gray’s Inn Road, WC1 is always clogged up with traffic.

Albany Terrace, NW1 9.04

Here a cyclist leads the race for a dash into Albany Terrace, close to Regent’s Park, NW1.

Marylebone Road NW1 9.04

Not far away, Spiderman still perched on the dome of the planetarium in Marylebone Road.

Ripplevale Grove/Hemingford Road 9.04

Hampton’s, who claimed a sale agreed for the house on the corner of Hemingford Road and Ripplevale Grove, N1, are rather an upmarket estate agent.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s piri-piri chicken with savoury rice topped by an omelette, followed by profiteroles. I finished the Corbieres, Jackie drank Hoegaarden, Ian, peroni, and Becky sparkling water.

Published by derrickjknight

I am an octogenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs. In these later years much rambling is done in a car.

20 thoughts on “Driving The Buggy

  1. I have a soft spot for graffiti artists – at least they are not mugging someone – not while they’re defacing walls anyway and some of their work are rather good.

  2. I only have missed three of your beloved posts, Derrick!
    I loved the Brayfield Terrace charming painted decoration on the bricks. It reminds me of a period in our country called, “Pennsylvania Dutch.”
    I liked the new pretty tulip and the starlings. 🙂

  3. I always enjoy your Streets of London. I feast my eyes on things you show us. The tree of life mural was vivid and interesting. The hostel is a place I might like to stay! And the tulip gave me a fast smile, a favorite of mine though a most common flower. 🙂

  4. Do you think Dr Who might get somewhat confused by the Lush building?
    What a well behaved dog waiting with it’s mistress/master for the “Walk” sign.
    I was curious about The Phoenix, and as usual went to Google Earth,
    It gave me the address as 6 Daventry St London NW1 etc. when I went in for a close up, it appears to be near Harrow St. I agree that it started life as a pub!

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