The Beast Is Back


An early morning inspection revealed that The Beast is back.

Beast hole 1

It has burrowed under the log and presumably wormed its way through the gap between metal stakes, having also chewed more of the fencing.

Beast hole 2

I filled the gap with a spare stake.

Beast hole 3

During this process I spotted another burrow at the far end of the concrete block, with distinct teeth marks on the bottom of the plank. It is as if our nocturnal visitor, having limboed under the fence, has decided to raise the entrance for easier access.

Later, Jackie bought some more stakes and added another piece of stone to the battlements. The rose stems are a bit optimistic.

Back Drive

I made more encouraging progress in weeding the Back Drive.

Robin with worm

A bustling robinΒ was too busyΒ feeding his family, to take any interest in my activities.

This afternoon Becky helped me customise this blog. I wonder if anyone will notice anything.

This evening we dined on pork rib rack in barbecue sauce, with omelette-topped savoury rice and runner beans, followed by profiteroles, followed by lemon tart. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and the rest of us shared Reserve des Tuguets madiran 2014.


      1. I agree too; also, much better blog without all the rambling on! Well done Becky in helping your father

  1. I noticed immediately that you had a lovely header photo Derrick. I had assumed you didn’t want a header, not that you hadn’t known how to place one. I am also chuckling at the beast – it has to be some kind of hybrid beaver-rat-werewolf of a particularly determined nature! And your fence blockage process reminds me a little of a cartoonist who constructs things out of all kinds of stuff (was it Giles?) I also like how the photos are arranged now. Good going Derrick and Becky – I don’t suppose Becky would like to hop over and help me sort out my blog?

  2. We have oddly similar forces in our lives right now–aging mothers and marauding beasties. Although we seem to be rid of our chipmunk in the car problem. At least for now.
    Your new blog format looks wonderful and the header photograph is marvelous.

  3. The blog looks great, and the header photo is wonderful.
    I also really like the robin photo.
    I got distracted though by your mention of the beast doing the limbo, and I can’t get that image out of my mind. I’m picturing a whole Disney scene going on there at night with creatures doing the limbo, Caribbean music and tiki torches. You and Jackie must be sound sleepers. πŸ˜‰

  4. Love the new look!

    Juxtapositioning is everything – Post title – The Beast is Back … first image – little old lady (presumably someone’s mum πŸ™‚ ) with a walker. πŸ˜€

  5. Looks like it’s time for a hard heart and a trap. You’ve given the Beast enough hints.

    Header photo looks wonderful.

    Hang on, profiteroles AND lemon tart? Won the lottery or something?

  6. Well I must have missed a previous post..
    because I have no idea what the beast is..

    But I can only imagine how annoyed ? you must be…
    Destroying your fences like that..
    and he seems so persistent…

    I enjoyed your photos though. As always…

    And your dinner sounds good ??..

    1. Many thanks, Nita. We don’t know what it is – candidates were badger and fox, but it now seems smaller than those – possibly a rat – probably not a hedgehog

  7. As soon as I saw your title I thought, oh nooooo. And then I opened and saw your new header, hahahaa. The blog changes look good, it was simply an amusing combination. Lovely photo of your Mum and she seems to be going strong at 95. She seems as determined to keep going as your nocturnal visitor.

  8. That Zariba is rather artistic … worthy of sitting splendidly on a French roundabout – at least around these parts it would be!

  9. This extra stone firmament should prevent this beast! My good guy friend used to set up infra red cameras on little shelves by the creek running by his house. He would capture raccoons washing at night and deer drinking, too. I wonder if you could set up a camera and how much do they cost? I am so curious! Jackie you do amazing gardening and cooking, now add Beast warrior princess or something like this. . . πŸ™‚

  10. I’ve had extra chuckles tonight what with the beast and all the varied descriptions of the beast in the comments. Whatever it is, it’s determined to come into paradise. It’s no doubt seen that lovely photo where you were weeding and thought that was just the place. Nice remodel on the blog as well. Your mother looks delighted to be in the garden.

  11. Hello, Derrick! The beast has me intrigued. Perhaps you may want to set up a trap that snaps at the foot or tail of your the werewolf? I am reading this on the Pixel and don’t see many changes in the theme of your blog. I will check it out on a bigger screen in the evening if I get home early.

  12. Yes, I noticed the change right away. Very nice. And that picture of your mother! Magnificent! Such beautiful hair. Good luck with whatever is getting into your garden.

  13. Beautiful header Derrick, a nice change. I’m so not in love with garden beasts – they know exactly what’s their fancy and I have a difficult time keeping them out. We had a possum the other day, he was wandering through like he knew right where to go. Can’t believe how much weeding there was to do in your drive – it is looking good. Those deserts sound heavenly ~

  14. I wonder if you should not have a water feature near the fence to cut the path of the “Beast”. It could also be a nice addition to your garden if at all possible

  15. I notice the header and the black/white image. πŸ™‚ I don’t think you post many black/whites , but I could be wrong πŸ™‚

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