Heron In Flight


This morning I printed yesterday’s random header picture for our friend Mary. We posted it this afternoon.

After lunch Jackie and I took two orange bags of garden pruning and clippings, along with some metal and plastic rubbish, to the Efford Recycling Centre, and drove on to see how the thatching at East End was coming along.

Thatching 1

Here is a rear view which shows the L-shaped structure of the large building. The extensive scaffolding is an indication of the size of the project.

Much of the work has been completed to a very high standard. I was informed by the thatcher with whom I spoke, that the ridging that is to feature where tufts currently stand proud, will take longer than the four weeks currently expended.

We drove home via East Boldre, where, as usual, a heron was disturbed by the sight of my camera. I panned it as it took to the air, rising from a lingering, although drier, pool, past the gorse blending with its sharp beak, and up into the cloudy skies.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s toothsome cottage pie, piquant cauliflower cheese, spring greens, and crisp carrots and cauliflower. with divine gravy. Ian drank Peroni, and I drank Corbieres 2015.


Scooby, not wishing to be left out, would like readers to know that his evening repast was Tesco Tender Paté with chicken, mixed lovingly with James Wellbeloved Chicken & Turkey Kibble Complete. His dessert was the bone from our previous roast lamb dinner with generous bits of meat attached. His beverage was Adam’s ale. This information was provided by his Mummy, Becky. 15 in September, he’s quite elderly now, and needs to collapse in his bed after a meal.


  1. Wow; thanks. I’d better shake a leg and send what I promised 🙂 Had kidneys tested to see if they would tolerate the toxic dye for the MRI – the trouble with medicine. Seeing neurologist today. Parcel to come asap. If I have a dog I’m sure he would be tempted by your dog’s dinner.

  2. That is a huge thatched roof, Derrick. I didn’t think we had them in the US, but I looked it up, and they do exist here.
    The shots of the heron are amazing.
    But Scooby wins for being adorable.

  3. You just can’t beat the appearance of a thatched roof can you! The completed thatching seems to be impeccable – your man must be a master! We here were all very impressed with Scooby’s dinner and Siddy is enquiring if he might visit for a day or two?

  4. The thatched roof is incredible. I didn’t realize in previous posts how large the house actually is. Scooby’s eating pretty well! I’m curious, what is toothsome cottage pie?

    1. Toothsome is tasty, delicious, mouth-watering and such. Cottage pie is minced beef topped with mashed potato. The long shot is round the back of the house, giving the best possibility of showing the size. Many thanks, Jill

  5. Great photography Derrick – interesting thatch, great Heron shots and a beatifically relaxed dog. Have you thought of opening as a B&B? I’m sure Jackie could find time…

  6. The thatching looks like it’s in the middle of a close cropped haircut. I agree with other commenters – Scooby for the win, and a good lie down is always recommended after such a magnificent meal. 😀

  7. What a lovely thatched roof! It is beautiful!!! I’m thrilled that that artform is still practiced in modern day Britain. Thank you so much for the report. Scooby is a real cutie, whom – I’m sure – earns his dinner every day by being someones best pal. 🙂

  8. Yup – Scooby wins hands down, but those heron shots come a close second.
    And am I deluding myself, or is that thatch inspired by a certain US President?

  9. I love the pictures of the thatching (something I miss here) … a skill that leaves me breathless with admiration. And of course I love Scooby – what a handsome fellow!

  10. I am glad your dog had such a gourmet meal. The roof thatching is fascinating and the heron in flight shots are very good. I can never capture that moment of flight well,

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