Emma Would Have Been Under Water


When I was awaiting my hip replacement in 2009, my GP offered the opinion that I would never have a blood pressure problem. I wonder what she would have thought about my performance on the telephone today, much of which was again spent in frustrating negotiations about the mortgage. We were just about to set off with two full orange bags of clippings for the dump, when I learned that I had to make yet another call before we could be under way. I made the call. We then arrived at the dump just after it had closed.

A trip to the forest was in order.

Tree turning to autumn 1Tree turning to autumn 2Tree turning to autumn 3Tree turning to autumn 4

Only a few specimen trees were beginning to change into their autumn robes. The others still retained their summer garb.

Cloudscape 1Cloudscape 2Cloudscape 3Cloudscape 4Cloudscape 5Cloudscape 6

Smoky indigo clouds swirled over the moors,

Cloudscape 7

the sun only periodically piercing their cover,

Ponies 1Pony

and lighting up the ponies,



Donkey and cattle

Donkeys on road

and donkeys wandering about East Boldre,

Donkeys with apples

where a woman had stopped her car and unloaded boxes of apples for their delectation.

High tide with boatHigh tideMan watching sunset

Tanner’s Lane beach was awash with the highest tide we had ever seen there. As we contemplated this we reflected that, had this been today, Emma might have been under water.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s superb beef and mushroom pie; sautéed potatoes, carrots, and Brussels sprouts; and broccoli al dente. She drank Hoegaarden, and I drank an excellent Finca Flichman reserve malbec 2015, given to me by Helen and Bill for my birthday.




  1. I hope Mother Nature, Jackie’s cooking, and the Malbec helped bring your blood pressure down.
    Beautiful photos, as always. (And I’m glad Emma wasn’t there today.)

  2. Ah, asses and dark clouds – a banking postscript.

    Someday very soon I’m going to visit that forest and see the ponies and horses and asses in person.

    1. Many thank, Jodie. Would you believe that only yesterday, almost two months on, were we told we must provide a fresh insurance certificate stating the Lender’s interest in the property – the sum is less than 10% of the value of the house!

      1. Wow – I’d be tempted to be done with them and go find a better deal elsewhere. I deal with government agencies, insurance agencies, and finance agencies quite a bit in my bookkeeping work. And I hate them all.

        1. My problem is that the solicitors have to be on the mortgage lenders’ panel. We can’t appoint our own. Mind you, when this is all over I suspect they will not be approved much longer! Beware the wrath of a patient man.

  3. Those are great portraits of trees, especially the one at the bend of the road. I look forward to the treat, come Autumn. High tides have always mystified me. It is as if there is a force that is saying something to the wee creatures of the land. It always brings to my mind Pablo Neruda’s quizzical piece:

    ”When I see the sea again
    has the sea seen me or hasn’t it seen me?
    Why the waves ask me
    The same that I ask them?
    And why do they hit the rock
    With such a futile enthusiasm?
    Don’t they get tired of repeating
    their declaration to the sand?”

  4. Gotta give you credit Derrick, negotiating a mortgage could be me slap into a stroke!!
    You know I love the horses and miss the season changes!
    I wrote this about a year ago for a photo Dina took over at Dina’s World

    To only have an autumn
    As grand as I see here
    I’d surrender all my palm trees
    And shed a thankful tear.

  5. The forest, ponies, and the sea are just the thing to recover from a stressful day. I’m sure Jackie’s fine cooking soothes as well.

  6. I certainly know how some telephone conversations can make our blood rise Derrick.. Thankfully the calming trees and colours I am sure brought you back in alignment.. They certainly had that effect upon me..
    Wonderful pictures.. 😀

  7. Beautiful autumnal robes, artistically captured and displayed,
    With skies that show a seasons shift from warm to so much cooler days!
    Although, not this weekend, from the predictions that I see,
    An Indian Summer falls, then before a hurricane flees!

    Great posts the last few days Derrick (couldn’t resist the above I’m afraid – kinda fell off the keyboard! 🙂 )

  8. On my comment, a correction: Breath, not beneath. 🌞
    I was also happy you took individual photos of the beautiful trees. 🌳🌲
    I like their shapes and the great quality of your photos, Derrick.

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