Criminals Beware


Jackie drove me to New Milton this morning for me to catch the train to Waterloo so I could lunch with Norman. It had been the intention that she would drive me home at the end of the day, but that is not how it worked out. Normally I telephone her when I know  an arrival time. I do this on my mobile phone. But I left it in the car.

From Waterloo I took the underground via Finchley Road to Preston Road station and walked through the John Billam Sports Ground to Norman’s home in Woodcock Hill, Kenton.

Cigarette ends on litter bin

The litter bin outside Preston Road clearly doubles as an ash tray for those people desperate for a cigarette as they leave the underground where smoking is prohibited.

Child on scooter

On the thoroughfare itself a happy child enjoyed her new scooter,

Vehicle turning

while a large vehicle struggled to negotiate the corner beside All Seasons fruit and vegetable store without squashing the produce.

Rubbish in street 1

On the other side of Preston Road, I turned down Preston Waye (sic) which has clearly seen better days. Rubbish bags surrounding the trunk of an ornamental tree

Criminals Beware

wrapped by a sign warning criminals off rather detract from its autumn garb. The website of Smartwater, the company responsible for the glaring sleeve, claims: ‘We are an international crime fighting and crime prevention company with an established track record for detecting and deterring criminal activity. We have created a wide range of crime reduction programmes utilising our cutting-edge and proprietary traceable liquid products which have been highly successful in reducing crimes, such as burglary, robbery and asset theft. We work extensively with Law Enforcement, both at a local level and internationally, to implement our crime deterrence strategies.’

Can on Wall

The drinks can seen on the wall beyond the tree is one of many stretched along the alley.

Preston Waye

Like many similar areas, the number of front gardens abandoned to several motor cars, and the rows of refuse bins, suggest multiple occupancy.

Sofa in front garden

A garden where roses still bloomed there was interestingly furnished;

Trees and shrubs

at the bottom of the road were well tended shrubbery and trees,

Litter on football pitch

to the right of which a path leads to the John Billam Sports Ground. Perhaps one of the visiting magpies had investigated the contents of a bag of litter on the football pitch.

Man walking with stick

A gentleman, like me, no longer able to play the game, made his way along the footpath and sat on the bench he was aiming for.

Plastic bag round bollard

Beyond the flame red trees, two huge industrial ride-on mowers swung onto the grass. One of their bags blew off and nestled around a bollard.

Cigarette packets on grass

Further on towards Woodcock Hill, cigarette packets

Food packaging on grass

and fast food packaging mingled with fallen autumn leaves.

Norman and I lunched on pork pie, beef, and ham salad followed by chocolate eclairs. This had been produced by Jackie and toted by me. Our friend provided an excellent Waitrose beaujolais. Before I left, I phoned Jackie to say that I would be unable to call again without my mobile, and would therefore take a cab home from New Milton.

So far, so good. The train from Waterloo was subject to a certain amount of delay because of “trespassers on the line at Totton”. This meant we had to leave our train at Brockenhurst unless we wanted to go non-stop to Bournemouth. There was a stopping train waiting for us, but that was held back to give another precedence.

Once at New Milton, the cab was quickly available.

P.S. More useful information on Smartwater is contained in Osyth’s comment below.

63 thoughts on “Criminals Beware

  1. Your usual blend of great photographs and interesting commentary. Smartwater doesn’t seem to be very effective against litterers.
    I’m glad you had a good visit with your friend and enjoyed Jackie’s fabulous packed lunch.

  2. Sounds like a day with good and bad. Glad you got to see Norman. I periodically have to go out and pick up trash as people throw all sorts of things out. Here in the States, Smartwater is a drink of distilled water with minerals added back in. A bit weird, but then so is the idea of them being part of an anti-crime activity!

  3. Smartwater should be charged/fined then banned, for pollution.
    Obviously the residents are very proud of their suburb. Is there some type of award for the filthiest suburb in England?
    The pork pie sounds delicious, it’s years since I’ve had the pleasure of a pork pie 😥

  4. That is a refreshing travelogue, notwithstanding the reckless littering. The photo in which the old gent is aiming for the bench is my favourite, not that the others are any less in beauty and imagination. The sleeve put by the purported crime-busters around the tree is horrendous. Also, its very presence hints at evil lurking in the background somewhere.

  5. By a strange twist of fate, one of my school-friends who was widowed some years ago is engaged to the CEO of Smart Water. Phil and his brother Mike developed the product in the 90s (he’s a retired copper) … this is the Wiki take on it (and it is not to be confused with the Coca-Cola soft drink of the same name that claims to be like ‘drinking a cloud’ as if we would know what that feels like!

  6. I liked that you included a bright red tree or two. . . The refuse and trash does appear to be spread throughout the photos today (this day I read).
    I think it is nice you show street scenes with the gritty details, Derrick.

  7. It’s a shame. Where there are people, there’s garbage. Although the basket is very close the paper goes to the floor. Don’t worry too much Derrick, everywhere there is something similar.

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