Reflecting Autumn


This morning Paul and Margery delivered the nicely mounted signed painting that John created on 21st September.

We brunched at Hockey’s Farm Shop.

Donkey close-up

In the lane outside a donkey rushed to our open car window in search of treats. No-one had told it that Halloween was over.

Donkey and ponies

Its cousins in the farm field, having no need to cadge, could afford to ignore me.

Donkeys and horse

They also took no notice of horses in the neighbouring paddock.

Donkey and poniesPony

They shared their own grass with very small ponies

Pony and alpacaAlpacas

and with alpacas.

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves

Tree reflections

adorned trees over the Ibsley forded stream

Autumn leaves and reflectionAutumn reflected in stream

in which their reflections swayed in dance.

Woodland scene 3Woodland scene 1Woodland scene 5Woodland scene 2Shadows on leaves by streamWoodland scene 6

Sunlight dappled the woodland alongside. If you do enlarge this last one, please ignore the litter.

Fallen tree

As with all safely fallen forest trees, this one will remain where it lies, in the interests of ecology.

Coach and horses

An antique coach with rather younger hitched trace-horses was parked outside the Alice Lisle pub near Ringwood.

Horses heads in harness

The horses were in harness,

Horse without part of harness 1

although one looked rather smug,

Horse with dangling harness

as part of its equipage dangled free.

Coach wheels 1

The smaller wheels stood at rest below the cab, while the the coachmen presumably enjoyed a glass of porter in the pub.

Coach rear 1

Hopefully neither the learner nor his or her instructor will have imbibed too much.

This evening we dined on a pepperoni pizza and salad, with which Jackie drank sparkling water and I finished the Fronton.





  1. Some really beautiful pictures, Derrick–the leaf and water photos are fabulous. I was going to ask what in the world the white creature upper left in the picture of the red pony was, but the next photo was the answer…

  2. For a while, my soul was lost in the Autumnal glory of those meadows and woods. Trust me, I wouldn’t mind being a pony in those climes. You are a Magnum class shooter, Derrick.

  3. Your alpacas remind me to recommend Clare Sweeney whose books โ€˜A Berkshire Taleโ€™ and โ€˜The โ€˜Pacas Are Comingโ€™ would make lovely gifts for your grandchildren. Unfortunately she is in Rhode Island because she does wonderful childrenโ€™s readings which simply captivate the tots ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Welcome Derrick. Perhaps it is that lack which makes me more biased towards the water features but I do have to say that you take well the spirit of the water features.

      1. Hi name was Junior. I worked as a trail guide one summer in college, and would sometimes have to go out and find Junior when he and his hapless rider did not return. Junior would have rubbed his bridle off on a tree on the pretense, I suppose, of having an itch. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I liked the dancing leaves reflection photo and your description ability, as always, is impeccable.
    The little healthy ponies, especially the burnt sienna one, warm my heart, Derrick. I want to get a small apple ? to give him or her.

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