We Have A Working Sink

Jackie washing up


Yesterday evening, at Elizabeth’s, Danni, assisted by Andy, produced a stunning curry for us all, also including friends Nicki and Andrew, with plenty to heat up for sister Jacqueline when she arrived later. After a starter of Jackie’s cooked poppadoms, we enjoyed chicken and egg curry; a chick peas dish; sag paneer; spicy cauliflower; onion bahjis; and hand made rotis. It really was a splendid tour de force. Jackie drank Kingfisher and the rest of us consumed various red wines.

We heard that Nicki and Andrew had recently visited the iconic Highgate cemetery, and Elizabeth had lent them her copy of The Magnificent Seven. They enjoyed that so much that they want to visit the other six landscaped London Victorian burial grounds.

Once my two sisters got together they couldn’t resist reminiscing about my driving stories. Elizabeth introduced the subject of the Death Of The Brown Velvet Suit, with the observation that I was the only person she knew who had been run over by his own car.

Jackie washing up

We arrived home to find that Richard had fitted a back to the sink unit and boxed in the piping against the wall. Although it still needs the worktop we were able to use it this morning.

We also admired the angles of the join at the box, over which will eventually be placed an oak window sill.

The temperature overnight was below freezing. This is expected to continue for the rest of the month. Our garden has not suffered any set-backs yet.

Now, late in the morning, we are setting off by car for Leatherhead for the annual Gilbert & Sullivan production directed by Jackie’s cousin Pat O’Connell. As usual, I will post on the proceedings tomorrow.

Published by derrickjknight

I am an octogenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs. In these later years much rambling is done in a car.

47 thoughts on “We Have A Working Sink

  1. I went back to read about your motoring incident, Derrick–what a bizarre event. If it happened now, it would be all over social media. πŸ™‚
    The curry dinner sounds delicious.
    Congratulations on your working sink!

  2. I wondered how all that plumbing was going to be hidden away. The idea of an oak windowsill is a winner! It makes me marvel at how the “architects” can look at the before kitchen and plan in their mind all the intricacies and groundwork involved in turning out the finished product. I suppose tradesmen in England are used to retro-fitting plumbing, gas and electricity into older houses, some of which would well and truly pre-date such inventions. I’m curious now to see what colour you have chosen for the bench-top, and whether the kitchen door stays that vibrant blue or gets a re-paint? (Don’t tell me. I love surprises). I can hear in my head the clunk that handle makes when it is lifted – so atmospheric.

  3. I followed the link to your post where you have narrated the horrendous incident where you too were nearly concertinaed after the same had happened to your car. Mama Mia! That was one hell of a narrow escape!

    1. I am honoured and thank you for this, Charlie. Unfortunately I just don’t have the time to do justice to the rules. I try to read all those blogs I follow, and respond to all the comments I receive. Congratulations on your own award.

  4. I liked so much here but everyone featured working sink, curry meal, and nice cabinet back! That copper piping was amazing!
    I loved the fully grown daffodils best in your garden hot montage, Derrick. ✨✨

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