Drinks In The Westbrook Arbour


This afternoon I watched the women’s Wimbledon tennis semi final between Serena Williams and Julia Goerges.

Jackie in Westbrook Arbour

Our pre-dinner drinks this evening were taken in the Westbrook Arbour

giving us views down the Phantom Path and across the grass patch. Day lilies, various clematises, and a number of hanging baskets were in view. The only identification I can apply to the butterfly that flitted about is that it was a fritillary. I cannot be sure of its precise name.

When we are threatened with a thunderstorm, in recent years I have developed a bad headache. So it was this evening. I went to bed early in an attempt to sleep it off.


  1. It looks like a High Brown Fritillary to me but it is easy to get them mixed up so for heavens sakes don’t quote me! Garden idyllic as ever and hoping your headache has passed over. ?

  2. Such a place, such a moment (of so many) shared with Jackie! And Serena! (A headache signal is interesting…sorry for that. Thunderstorms on a horizon make me jittery until the thing is unleashed, upon which I breathe better though still am energized. I am both a bit scared and exhilarated by it all.)

  3. It’s so cool that in your garden there are different paths to stroll and arbors in which to sit and sip. It’s beautiful.
    I hope you’re feeling better. I get bad headaches sometimes, too, before thunderstorms.

  4. I’d say that it is perhaps a Dark Green Fritillary because they are one of the commonest and range far and wide on strong wings. It maybe that you need to see the under wings to tell it from a High Brown. I think that the latter species is quite rare as well.

  5. The Westbrook Arbour is new to me, has it just been named or did I miss something earlier……. I sometimes get heart palpitations or light headed, dizzy and can faint when the air pressure changes quickly. Not that pleasant! Hope your headache and the thunderstorm have passed now xo

      1. Oh yes – it didn’t have a name at all back then. There are so many places to visit in your garden I shall need a map soon! Now I wonder how many different areas can you sit in before you start repeating ….. Now there’s a potential blog post!

  6. Beautiful as ever, I particularly love the deep pink clematis. We have several colours of them here, but I don’t recall one of that shade. I hope your headache eases quickly – I have the same today, possibly weather induced but maybe just not enough sleep last night.

  7. Ah,, great garden photos, but Jackie’s smile is always my favorite.

    I am totally oblivious to any effects the weather may have on me. Sometimes I feel great and other times I don’t & Lord knows why. It just doesn’t register. My mind is too busy remembering all of the lyrics from every song from the 70’s.

  8. Great to see Jackie (and you behind the lens) enjoying your pre-dinner irrigation. What have the thunderstorms got to do with your head? Were you a werewolf in your previous life?

  9. Glad the headache has gone. I wouldn’t mind some rain though. If things carry on as they are I shall need dynamite to plant anything.

  10. Good morning my friends!!! I am glad that you are ok!!

    I had read that low barometric pressure can cause headaches by creating a difference in pressure between your sinuses – which are filled with air – and the surrounding atmosphere.
    It’s a little bit like being on a plane which suddenly increases or decreases its altitude, so if you suffer with ear or head pain while flying then you might be more likely to be affected.

  11. I hope your headache went away. I, too, can sometimes predict a weather/temp change related to allergies. My nose gets stopped up. πŸ™

    Glad Jackie got to sit down and enjoy a drink! Her smile says it all! πŸ™‚

    The photo of the butterfly is lovely! Aren’t they so much fun to watch as they flit around!?
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  12. So many nooks and crannies in your garden, Derrick. It has some charming places to sit.

  13. The gardens are beautiful, and I am glad to see you both enjoying them. πŸ™‚

    We have had hot dry weather in the 90s the last few days. Most thunderstorms seem to go around us for some reason, but occasionally we get some good ones going overhead. Hail is what we worry most about here.

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