Water, Water…… Hardly A Drop To Drink


The best part of the day was taken up with body maintenance. We began with a drive to New Hall Hospital and a post-operative examination by Mr. Kask, the surgeon, who pronounced progress satisfactory. We did not take a diversion on the way back home because I had a G.P. appointment after lunch.

There was one complication during the knee replacement that I have felt indelicate to mention before. The insertion of a catheter is routine there. They couldn’t get mine in. A urologist was summoned to do the deed. An enlarged prostate was considered to be the problem. This was news to me. Rather unpleasant symptoms continued for the next three weeks. Given that my other knee replacement is due in about four months, it seemed a good idea to deal with the prostate post haste. That is why I saw G.P. Doctor Jansen this afternoon. She prescribed antibiotics, asked for a urine sample, and made a referral to Mr. Guy, the urologist at New Hall.

After this, Jackie drove us into the drier and drier forest. On the road to Exbury a very small grey pony tagged along with his bigger cousins, foraging for what fresh greenery could be found.

Squirrel in dried up pond

Not far on a squirrel squatted on the bed of a pool that normally contains paddling mallards and larger ponies up to their knees in the water they drink.

Couple in water

There was, however, no shortage of seawater at Lepe beach, where synchronised swimming

and solitary sailboarding was under way.

Back on the Exbury road, a group of small cattle found some potable water, slaked their thirsts, and pestered the traffic.

The rice Jackie produced this evening – so packed with chopped omelette, chestnut mushrooms, peppers, onions and peas – was a meal in itself. It was, however, accompanied by pork spare ribs in barbecue sauce. Neither of us imbibed.


  1. Oh dear – a prostate problem can leave you prostrate for a while! Lets move this year along and have you returned to full health and fully functioning perambulation! This particular dinner though sounds marvelous!!

  2. Well, it’s good that you are following doctor’s orders and taking care of yourself. Good luck with this next bit. Enlarged prostate is practically a given as men age.

    It’s dry here, too. The only one happy is our dog, Riley. She likes to roll in the brown dead grass.

  3. A friend was referred to a urologist a few years ago who turned out to be Dutch. Edwin Dyk. Who was known to said friend and maybe others as Dr Dyk the Dick Doc…

    1. You made that up!! lol

      We have a chain of convenience stores locally called Wawa (I have no explanation for that..) The founder is Dick Wood. A popular man with the ladies.

      1. Well, said friend may have rather than me but yes it is such a good story it cries out to be true… I certainly knew a Richard Head who couldn’t stand being called Dick – much like Sally Seaman who preferred to be called Sally Seaweed… funny that.

    2. My ex used to work at a hospital (St Georges in Tooting) they had a visiting American Prof who gloried in the name Dick Schitt, his head of department (a dour Scot) insisted on referring to him as Richard the Turd.

  4. How heavy do you think the package will have to be to send that Shetland pony my way? I’m sure it won’t be too bad will it? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS so this is a bit weird but I swear it to be true I used this natural medication that a regular urologist recommended to me, it’s Aloe Vera but it’s highly condensed very very high potency with the part taken out that gives you the squitters, and it’s made by Desert Harvest and it helps with all those types of things well I was hesitant I didn’t think it could, I tried it and it changed my life. Just saying incase you’re open to it. LMK if you need more info.

    1. Many thanks, Candy. I’m pleased you liked the little pony. That is worth knowing about the Aloe Vera. I’ll see what the outcome of the urology session is.

      1. LOVED the ponies.
        I can send you some if you want to try it. I know it sounds hoky I thought so too but I tried it and WHAM it worked I couldn’t believe it plus it was a doctor who recommended it when I was having some urology related issues after surgery – I know it was the Aloe Vera that cured them but not just any it has to be this kind it is absolutely created for that, I gave some to my step father who was having urology issues and WHAM he was fine. I just really recommend it. http://www.desertharvest.com LMK if I can send you some or anything I can do.

        1. Thanks again. It does look interesting, but first I would like a proper diagnosis. I hadn’t had any problems before surgery. I will certainly let you know XX

          1. I had some after surgery too – wondered if it was the catheter or just the side-effect of having surgery – the good thing is usually those things will ameleorate and go away with time I am certain of it, drink a lot of water always helps w/ urology related issues. Hope doctor can explain more, try not to let them talk you into any unnecessary tho. xo

  5. Doesn’t it seem like it’s always something, Derrick? I hope everything checks out okay. It’s so dry here the lake behind our house is beginning to look like a desert…we’ve never seen it this low.

    1. It certainly has been a dry time, Jill. In fact I have hardly troubled the NHS until comparatively recently. Now I’m getting my money back. Thanks very much.

  6. The water, the ponies, the cows, the good news about your recovery, all great. The gardener is also scheduled to see the urologist. Fun times!

  7. “Water, water everywhere, but no single drop to drink.” How amazing it describes my feeling now after hours trying to log into my site but to no avail; no answer from WordPress either. I can visit my site but cannot write to post, etc.

  8. I enjoyed your descriptive wording for your last set of photos, “Back on the Exbury road, a group of small cattle found some potable water, slaked their thirsts, and pestered the traffic.”, lovely, Derrick

  9. Words of Samuel Taylor Coleridge from THE RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER, greet us tonight. Words I had to memorize in the 8th or 9th grade but have never forgotten some many decades later. I wish it were true here but we haven’t had nor are we getting any much needed rain hereabouts. And this week we’ll be soaring up into the 100’s and close to 110. On well such is life on the north Texas prairie. I pray all is will with your and yours dear Derrick. Love, N πŸ™‚ <3

  10. You withheld the mystery of the Coleridgean spin till the very last sentence. I pray to God to bless you in all your quests for body maintenance.

  11. I love seeing those ponies. Oh my, here we have low pressure area and a typhoon at the same time. Good thing it is not raining that much but in some places, they are flooded. Enjoy your summer Derrick and good luck on the treatment.

  12. Send you all my love and my best wishes . May you recover quickly and enjoy the best of health for many years to come!!!!!!

    Water is so precious in our lifes as our health too…..

    I send you all my positive thought and love !!!!!!!!!

  13. My GP told me that ALL men of our age have enlarged prostates – it’s perfectly normal and in most cases nothing to worry about unduly. Hope that’s the case with you.

    1. I’m sure it is Geoff – except when they want to shove a catheter in – so I need to see if it can be reduced before next knee in 4 months time. Thanks very much πŸ™‚

    1. There are still a few streams (largely springing from underground) Also there is a trough on a common not too far away; but it is getting harder all the time. Thanks very much, GP

  14. Glad that you are in such good hands with your medical team. It’s all quite the bore for you but better in the long term when you are springing about on your new bionic knees and doing all the things a Derrick wants to do!

  15. The head bones connected to the…..neck bone…and everything needs repair πŸ˜€ By golly what an ordeal. Lucky to noticed any prostate issues early. Sending good vibes for favourable outcomes and a healthy bit of rain too. The ponies mustn’t go thirsty !! x Boomdee

      1. Yes ! The Bionic Knight πŸ˜€ Hey, have you ever done your family tree. You have a last name that seems like there must have been some important servicemen in the past. I’ve heard that’s how a lot of the surnames began. ie. The baker was Mr Baker, the banker was Mr Banks, etc

          1. History has so many secrets. Yet it’s amazing we know the birth dates of people that lived in Egyptian times. I wonder if history will be more accessible in the future given the advent of the internet. If the internet was ever to be corrupted, I think we’d loose a lot if we don’t continue to publish books and newspapers.

  16. A M.O.T. has nothing on you at the moment Derrick! πŸ™‚ Gee, do hope the hyperplasia reduces effortlessly – apparently a handful of Almonds and Pumpkin seeds also helps!

  17. Best wishes with the prostrate problem mate, been there and done that a couple of times now. Pays to have it checked every couple of years when you attain the age of us elderly Gentlemen.

  18. Don’t they do a PSA scan of the blood, that’s what told them I had prostate cancer in 2005; my reading was 18.8 and I should have been dead, but brachytherapy cured me. Side effects are not pleasant though.
    I’ve had that many catheter ‘s shoved into me the past 10-12 years that my u/track is all messed up and I have to take a capsule each day for the rest of my life to keep it operating..
    c’est la vie.
    I thought it was “nor any drop to drink”,

    1. That’s all rather nasty, Brian. I don’t envy you. They do do the scans, but, hopefully, it’s not cancer. I amended the quotation to fit my theme – you are correct, though. Thanks very much

      1. Oh it wasn’t too bad having 17 nuclear rods inserted through the back passage, I was asleep, but it was fun when they removed them. I was wide awake. It was quite hilarious.

  19. We have an informal Prostate Discussion Group in the shop on Saturday mornings – it’s a hazard of being the sort of shop where middle-aged men meet. πŸ™‚

    Sorry to hear you are suffering Derrick, I seem to have missed this post and only discovered it by accident.

    I was looking for words to use in a limerick…

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