Before And After Sunset

Today was bright and sunny, although strong winds brought something of a chill factor. We took a trip out to view the seafront at Milford on Sea, and the delights of the New Forest – in my case through a lens poked out of the open passenger window.

Against the backdrop of the iconic Isle of Wight Needles we, and other visitors, watched the spray-tipped waves known as white horses. I reflected that normally I would have been standing on the clifftop, legs spread wide to brace myself against the sharply stinging spray and the piercing winds. Necessity had provided me with a far more comfortable vantage point.

It wasn’t until shortly before sunset on Penn Common that we encountered any forest fauna. Here, the lowering rays enhanced

glowing outlines of free roaming cattle,

and grazing sheep, bearing the mark of a ram;

while nearby penned donkeys displayed their usual inquisitiveness.

At Bramshaw, the usual motley groups of cattle continued their ploughing of the village green.

A leisurely peacock wandered across the road, causing a watching cow to swivel her neck, keeping pace with the colourful bird.

Dusk was well under way when we drove along South Sway Lane watching pink and gold clouds streaking a still cerulean sky above the darkly silhouetted tree line.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s spicy pasta arrabbiata and tender green beans.


  1. The waves and skies photos are so wonderful, Derrick! And those friendly furry faces always make me smile…and sometimes laugh! πŸ˜€ Gosh, some of those faces are very furry and horny, too!
    What’s to eat?! I’m getting hungry! πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Great photos as always Derrick. The seas look rough. Those photos of the cattle with the horns were photographed so close, hope one of them doesn’t charge at you !!

  3. That was a delightful trip to silhouetted waves and cattle. As usual, framing is exquisite. I didn’t know they were called white horses, those sun-rimmed waves.

  4. never get sick of the animals,that’s a glorious sunset.
    I noticed the pictures were all kind of squared off, is this the new system that WordPress plans to ram down out throats?
    If so I think I’ll request the money back which they’ve just taken from an account

    1. I’m afraid that is their new system, Brian. You also have to stop them ‘cropping for alignment’. It seems to be the only way to make a gallery. If I don’t need a gallery I revert to the old system which now seems no longer to lead you to a gallery. Others may have done better with Gutenberg. Thanks very much

      1. You post a lot of pictures. What will you do when you run out of space?

        I ran into this problem so now I always reduce picture size to no more than 500kb before posting. I have now used only 55% of my allowance in 10 years on WP.

        1. So far I haven’t exhausted my annual allowances. I’m a bit scared to reduce picture size. Will discuss with those more knowledgable of the younger generation. Thanks for the advice

  5. Some of those coos seem a little far from home, Derrick. Lovely shots. Hope all is well and you’ll be skipping about again shortly. Did I tell you I almost drowned at Milford on Sea? Or was in New Milton – I can’t remember!

  6. A beautiful drive, even from the passenger window, Derrick. I love the silver of the waves and breakers, and the animals, of course. Always a joy to visit your posts. πŸ™‚

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