1. Thank you for the link Derrick. One hopes to write words of comfort and send messages of support, but nothing I could say would suffice. You and your family are in my thoughts.

  2. I left a note back on the post Derrick and as my tears are drying I just want to say thank you for letting us share this journey with you and Jackie. I feel so honoured to be able to share your loss and pain and sorrow at this time as well as the days of kinder living that we are all given. There is a circle of people around the world that now focuses on your home and your wellbeing and shares in your grief and your sorrow and even though we cannot reach out and touch you, we are here and we care. With love.

  3. Memories are made to be kept for a lifetime. I hope you are feeling okay now Derrick and the rest of the family too. Just think Michael is in a nicer place.

  4. In a long life one gets to see it all, and you have had your fair share of sadness, Derrick. But also joy, and you were so lucky in finding Jackie. All blessings and positive thoughts to you both.

  5. Thank you for sharing the link with us, Derrick. Michael was blessed to have you fill the roll of single parent which obviously you did with tremendous love and grace. We’re all here for you and Jackie…continued prayers for you and your family.

  6. Thank you for sharing the earlier post, Derrick. I’ve tears in my eyes from reading it, but also there are good memories embedded in it–of the special bond that you and Michael shared–and your mom–and all the people in the “it takes a village” sense who helped you. I continue to think of you, Jackie, and your family, and I’m so very sorry for your loss.

  7. Pauline has expressed so we’ll what I feel, and I expect what all your readers feel. All around the world, we are grieving with you. Many, many thanks for sharing those memories.

  8. Thank you for the link, Derrick, and the back story on Michael’s mother Vivien. Life has thrown many hard things at you, but as you say, much of it has also been good. I cry tears of sadness for your losses, past and present, and tears of joy for all the good things that have come your way.

  9. Thank you for revisiting these stories that tell your life and how you got where you are.
    I started many such stories and left them lay. Perhaps it is time. If I am as strong as you are.
    God bless you

  10. We each have our own ways of working through grief. Thanks for sharing these links to help this “newer” reader get to know you better. I also was a single parent (with two daughters) for some years; I think that living situation can form an especially strong bond between parents and children. I’m thinking of you and your family, Derrick…hoping that each day gets easier.

  11. When I once suffered a terrible loss, my boss said to me in the hallway. “You just have to shut that door and move on.” I replied, “yessir, thank you sir.” In my truck I had another reply. “I’ll move on, but I’ll never, not in a million years, shut that door.” We try and try to make sense of the cards we’re dealt, but sometimes there’s simply no answer.
    But you’re a good man Derrick and Michael was fortunate to have such a fine father. So you take care of yourself.

    You bring happiness to the lives of many. In fact just the other day, I was driving home and a cow–very unexpectedly–was standing on the wrong side of the fence.. I slowed. the cow was enjoying some fresh grass in a wide ditch. She looked up as if to say, how are doing there Paul. I drove on. My next thought was ‘Derrick would love this.” You’re never far from my thoughts.

  12. Such a great sadness in your life, Derrick, amongst the good times. The story of Vivien was very touching, and you had to find inner reserves of strength at a time of grieving to carry on with your son, Michael. It must have been so hard. Sending warm wishes.

  13. I am at a total loss of words Derrick, the beginning was with such hardship – it is hard to imagine living through the sorrow and pain, and still able to give to your son all that he needed as a young boy. I’m thinking of you this evening and will hold you in my prayers.

  14. What sadness you have had in your life, Derrick. I am so pleased you are surrounded by a large and loving family and have so many happy memories to sustain you. I am praying for you all.

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