Across The Border

This morning Jackie drove me to New Hall hospital for a physiotherapy session with Claire. This was most encouraging.

We returned across the forest during a pleasantly overcast preprandial period.

For several miles along the Wiltshire verges in the vicinity of Hamptworth regular clumps of snowdrops have been planted for the delight of travellers.

Donkeys near the village of Newbridge tended to stray across the road;

ponies, for a change, had more sense, and kept to the undergrowth, except when they made a beeline for my open window.

The soggy turf at Penn Marsh was shared by grazing ponies and cattle.

Nearby, field horses were treated to hay for which they had no need to forage. One wears a rug.

Across the border into Hampshire and along Cadnam Lane a flock of sheep, one large, and several miniature ponies shared the pasturage.

Another group of pampered equines enjoyed a heap of hay on the road to Bramshaw.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s classic cottage pie, crisp cauliflower, and tender runner beans.

73 thoughts on “Across The Border

  1. I’m so glad your PT went well! And what a lovely drive to get you there and back! 🙂 I’ve wondered if others who are driving behind you, or to the side of you, wonder about your wanderings…you know, why you slow down or stop. 😀 They might say, “Oh, those are just cows” or “Those are just donkeys”…They don’t realize you are capturing portraits of all of these wonderful creatures AND that you share them with your blog friends! 🙂

    We live mountainous-rural so driving around we see mostly horses, cows, deer, elk, antelope. 🙂 Oh…and sadly roadkill of possums, skunks, raccoons, etc. 😦

    I am in love with those donkeys! 🙂

    A family here had one of their sheep give birth this week. They said they normally have 1-4 lambs born. But, this Mama Sheep gave birth to 7!!! 🙂 They think it might be a world record! 😮 🙂

    HUGS to you and Jackie and your Mum…all of your family…and I’m still praying.

  2. I think those are wolves in sheep’s clothing – they have a sneaky look! 😉

    Pity they are not round! 🙂

    Beautiful photo’s of the Donkeys again today!

  3. I’ve taken a bit of a journey through your entries, but haven’t yet answered my own question: are these ponies and such wild, or do they belong to someone? Do they live on a preserve, that they’re allowed to roam so freely? You may have a post about them and their history I haven’t found — but what a delight to have them as part of your world!

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