The Long Jump

For the last few days we have been unable to control the smart aspect of our TV. This has meant we could only watch free to air live and nothing would record. James Peacock of Peacock Computers fixed the problem this morning. Intermittently I listened to England’s innings against New Zealand in the men’s Cricket World Cup.

This afternoon we went for a drive in the east of the forest.

One of the lessons we have needed to learn is when to expect animals to cross the road in front of us. An example of this was found today at East Boldre. Jackie slowed the car for us to see a foal. Suddenly its mother took it upon herself to lead her offspring to the other side.

Litter picking is quite an industry here. The major roads are cleared by paid staff, but areas like Hatchet Pond rely on volunteers. This group enabled their dog to participate by tossing a stick into the lake. The branch was constantly retrieved.

We have come to the conclusion, confirmed today, that the small birds, like thrushes, often dogging ponies’ footsteps, are gleaning worms and other food revealed by the equine activity. Unfortunately I have managed to lose the photograph of a bird with a worm in its beak.

One spritely youngster, from its vantage point on a pony’s shoulders took a leap over the animal’s long, concave back, landing on its sturdy rump.

On Sway Road we were held up by an encounter between a double decker bus and a very long container truck. We had to admire the skill of these two drivers. No doubt the bus driver was accustomed to the situation. It was the man in the truck who had to become a tree hugger and reach out to haul in his wing mirrors before inching ahead.

On our return I listened to the bulk of New Zealand’s innings.

This evening we dined at The Wheel, Bowling Green, Pennington. We both enjoyed starters of Tempura prawns, salad, and sweet chilli dip. Jackie’s excellent Wheel Inn burger, salad, and chips featured the best onion rings she has ever tasted; my cod, chips, and peas was equally good. Mrs. Knight drank Kaltenberg, and I drank Ringwood’s Best. Service was efficient and friendly.

Published by derrickjknight

I am an octogenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs. In these later years much rambling is done in a car.

80 thoughts on “The Long Jump

  1. My problem with smart-anything (like phones, TVs, etc.) is that sometimes I’m not smart enough to figure everything-about-them out! 😉 😮 😀

    The Mama and foal are beautiful! 🙂

    Aw, on the doggie fetching the stick! 🙂 We have some common grass, flowers, and tree areas nearby for people to enjoy with or without their dogs. I’ve been known to go over there and pick up trash and doggie-poo when no one is watching. So SHH! Mum’s the word! No one knows I do this! 😮 🙂

    I love how the birds help other animals by “grooming” them. Love your photos of the horses and birds… The Long Jump, especially! 🙂

    OH MY! on the bus and truck! Definitely some hugging goin’ on there!

    Your evening dinner sounds delicious! 🙂 It is difficult to find good Onion Rings!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. I did rather wonder if the mother horse made the assumption you were slowing for her benefit – and not wishing to disappoint your thoughtfulness, made the crossing. (Anthropomorphising at its best) 🙂

  3. Welcome back Mrs Knight! I would have enjoyed being a passenger in your car and The meal sounds lovely..

    As for the Sky problem, it often happens here too, I find switching off removing the card for half an ten minutes, . Waiting awhile and rebooting the router usually does the truck!

    1. Many thanks, Sue. Jackie tried very hard to reply to this, but her password kept being rejected. “Thank you. Nice to be back” was the message she tried to send. Actually we are not on Sky, just normal TV with all the trimmings

  4. Oh so beautiful those birds and ponies.
    I myself am not very good at tv’s or computers. There are so many buttons and settings I get confused. I have my 13 year old nephew to help me. It is quite funny these kids are so into technology these days.
    Fabulous photos Derrick.

  5. I would love to live where you live! Horses on the roads and on the fields, and birds! How wonderful! I imagine the drivers must have nerves of steel, navigating those monstrous vehicles past one another. Loved the photos of the jumping bird!

  6. Around here, the “cattle egrets” — a particular species — like to ride on the back of cattle, dining on who knows what that lives on the cows. It’s mutually beneficial. The cows get groomed, and the birds get some treats.

  7. Where to start, that is the problem.
    People should never throw sticks for their dogs, Sticks have been known to bounce back and strike the dog and can cause serious damage such as blinding them’
    It looks a bit like a Springer Spaniel. The photographer should make note and clarify the breed for viewers; and also advise the dogs people against throwing sticks!
    My son would like the number plate affixed to that Citroen, NAO, His name is Nathan and his mates all call him NAO for some reason.Are you able to assist him?
    The title of this post is preferable to The Short Drop

  8. There is nothing as sweet as animals and the people who love and protect them; and children and the people who love and protect them.
    (Speaking to my country, basically, in both these regards, now).
    If we don’t take care of children and animals, what are we?

  9. Does my heart good to see Nature up close and personal… even if it is over 10000 miles away! 😉

    Was the trailer driver taking a short cut?? How are they even allowed on roads like that – i’d be concerned passing another rider on my bike in that spot. God forbid a DD bus and a Semitrailer?

    I’m going to have to stop reading your final paragraphs in future, notw my mouth is watering for cooked seafood! 🙂

  10. I so look forward to your animal (and flower) photographs Derrick! Love the one of the bird landing on the pony’s back. 😀 I never thought before how birds can take advantage of the churned up soil where the horses have trodden. 🙂

  11. England too, seems to have taken a leap off the concave back of the tournament and is sitting on the sturdy back of Cricket for the moment. Sorry about your smart TV going astray. One thing that doesn’t seem to trouble you at all is your camera, sworn to deliver each time you put it to service.

  12. Good grief, I wouldn’t have wanted to be that lorry driver. Blame it on the sat nav! A bridge in our village was damaged because the driver was sent on an impossible route by one such device. We now have a sign showing a lorry with a red line through it.

  13. Great photos all telling a story. I always love the horses and pony photos, but that bus and truck encounter was fascinating. I imagine they were going pretty slow to squeeze by each other.

  14. Such cute pictures of the little bird!
    Your last picture made me laugh 🙂 It is an Irish truck! The tree-hugger has plenty of narrow roads back home to acquire the skill. He just didn’t want to get in trouble abroad, especially in a future non-EU country 😉 He was smart enough to haul in the mirrors – I don’t see any room for the mirrors in this picture.

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