Surfing The Solent

For lunch today, we joined Mum, Elizabeth, Danni, and Ella for lunch at Woodpeckers.

Ella seemed at home in her throne while she played with Mum’s finger;

afterwards she was happy to be passed around. Danni e-mailed these images to me.

We all enjoyed tender, lean, beef casserole; creamy mashed potatoes; tender carrots and green beans, followed by pear sponge and custard. Apple juice and red and white wines were on offer. Each of us chose our preferred beverage. Mum was given her requested orange juice. Teas and coffees were to follow.

Afterwards Jackie and I continued into the forest. As we left I wondered where else one would find

ponies wandering about outside a care home carrying the outstanding rating of the top 3% in the country?

On Furzey Lane, near Beaulieu, one chestnut pony waited patiently at a gate; and a thatcher’s donkey took a rooftop view.

“Ah. A donkey derby”, exclaimed Jackie as we reached East Boldre and encountered these animals on the road, some making their way to their job of trimming grassy areas and holly hedges, turning up their noses at as yet unripe blackberries equally within their reach.

One unfortunate child, missing a shoe, had been forced to hop home from there.

At the end of Tanners Lane strong winds whipped waves ashore, attracting

both sailboarders and kite-surfers.

I was able to watch a young man and his father set up his sailboard, and, whilst enjoying a conversation with the older man and younger boy,

watch an impressive display of sailboarding. As always, enlargement of these images may be obtained with clicks which will access the galleries.

This evening we dined on piquant cheese and bacon omelettes with toast. Jackie drank Blue Moon and I didn’t.

Published by derrickjknight

I am a septuagenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs

75 thoughts on “Surfing The Solent

  1. Ella is such a doll! Wonderful to see your mother playing with her. Your mother is certainly enjoying a care facility exceptional in every way, including wild life grazing free right outside.
    Your photos of the water activities are so dynamic, Derrick, that I almost felt a spray hitting my face.

  2. Those wind surfing pictures are really fabulous. Catch the motion amazingly. Yes, Ella is a doll and it’s nice to see her and your mother enjoying each other.

  3. Oh how little Ella, going to appreciate the photos one day with her great grandmother. I appreciate how you keep generational memories for your love ones.

  4. A Care Home with an Outstanding award, you and Elizabeth chose well and I’m glad she has settled so well.

    I am in tune with all other comments here, thank you for sharing another lovely day in your life.

  5. Such wonderful photos, Derrick–from the first to the last. I love the photos of Ella with your mother, you, and Jackie. And the ponies and the sailing. . .
    Your mother is indeed fortunate to be in such a wonderful place. I don’t think there is anyplace like that around here–if if there is it probably would be too expensive for most people and with a years-long waiting list.

      1. It still don’t think there’s any place like it around here. 🙂 Unfortunately, my mom does not have a house to sell, and she’s gone through all her savings. My siblings and I have been helping with her rent and paying for her caregivers.

  6. Excellent photos of the sail boarders and kite surfers. It’s hard to get those shots so clear with the activity and distance. When I’m in the market for a care home, I know one place I’ll stop for an interview. 😉

  7. Just wonderful clicks especially of horses and the sailboarding – the vast expanse of sea.I too remember my swimming in not so a distant past during my stay with my son in UK Regards.

  8. Wonderful photos, Derrick!
    So glad you, your Mum, and all the gals got together. Especially your Mum and Ella!
    Love the donkey on the roof and The Donkey Derby! Sweet!
    HUGS!!! for all!!! 🙂

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