On A Hillside

Today was sunny and warmer than yesterday.

Jackie entered the garden for a weeding session. Within seconds Nugget was in attendance, taking time out from his under-gardener role to tweet sweet nothings to Lady, who kept out of sight.

“Where’s Nugget?” (63)

Ron continued sweeping up underneath his front garden feeder.

Jackie also photographed



and Daphne Odorata Marginata.

Since it was another sunny, somewhat warmer, day, and knowing that Hockey’s would be open today we brunched there to make up for yesterday’s disappointment.

Ponies were back on the moors alongside Holmsley Passage,

and in the Bisterne Close woodland,

where a lowing cow wandered down the lane and vanished into the shadows.

On a bracken covered hillside outside Burley

stood what seemed a somnolent quartet of grey ponies. I fact there was a bay among them, visible only to my camera.

On our return, just north of Ringwood we diverted along an unnamed lane which is in effect a cul-de-sac,

alongside which gnarled knuckles of mossy tree roots caught the sunlight.

A pair horses could be seen at the bottom of a field,

a gate to which bore an Alergy Alert.

This evening we dined on scrambled egg liberally laced with chopped spring onion; fresh salad, and toast.


    1. Yes I thought so too. ?
      My kitty Elsa caught hold of a dove today. My son pried it out of her clutches and helped it recover. When I came home and gave him some TLC, he stared at me stonily as if to say, I need to teach my kids better manners. He flew off and I was so grateful that he was ok.

  1. In your wonderful photo of the four grey ponies, I able to see the bay pony after I enlarged the photo Derrick….there standing behind the grey pony on the left…

  2. I loved your outing today and I found Nugget and also the Bay.I was pleased to see the allergy alert on the farm gate.

    It is amazing how many people think it is alright to feed animals. We once had a pony die from stomach ulcers. It turned out that the warden at the scout camp that adjoins one of our fields used to regularly feed our horses and share food including fish and chips. We’d no idea if this caused his death but it certainly wouldn’t have helped him.

  3. “Nugget was in attendance, taking time out from his under-gardener role to tweet sweet nothings to Lady, who kept out of sight.” What have I missed? Does our little man have a girlfriend??

    1. Yes he does I think, I saw him at the feeder with a companion a few days ago, I managed to get photographic evidence albeit a bit fuzzy. She is ‘Lady Nugget of Downton’ a well connected robin, known as ‘Lady’ Very exciting,

  4. Wonderful photos of Nugget today. My own little wren showed up with a wren companion, and I suspect they might be a couple. The tree roots covered with moss are a pure delight — wonderful images.

  5. A beautiful sunny day for you and Jackie, and Nugget and friends. The ponies look like they are enjoying the warmth of the winter sun. I enjoyed all the photos from your day!

  6. A fine dinner! And glad to hear nugget has a lady friend. Who knows what the robin population of the garden could become. I love those mossy trees.

  7. These photos are especially excellent. I love the clear crisp shots of nugget. The tree with the mossy roots has a lot to say.

  8. You started your first “bush ballad” there, Derrick.

    “On a bracken covered hillside outside Burley
    Stood what seemed to be……..”

    Don’t forget, at least one kangaroo is compulsory, and a bank robbery.

  9. Great photos, all of them! Yours and Jackie’s photos!

    Love the colors of the flowers and plants! Love the green velvety mossy knuckled trees!

    So great to see Mr. Nugget! I hope Mrs. Nugget is doing well, too! I’m waiting excitedly for the Baby Nuggets! πŸ™‚

    Love ponies and horses, always! Beautiful photos of them! I’m hope the sign protects the horse(s) with the allergies!

    Your meals sound eggs-cellent and yummy!
    HUGS to all! πŸ™‚

  10. Wonderful that Nugget has found a partner. Even more wonderful that are so many flowers in bloom in your garden in January. Holy cats! Hard for this Mainer to envision. πŸ˜‰

  11. Those are interesting close ups of Nugget. I wonder if he has built a nest of his own? Does he prefer to court the night under the stars and moonshine, alone on one of those mossy trees.

  12. This warm weather is certainly bringing the garden on early. I really like the moss covered trees. I remember as a Boy Scout doing orienteering – look for a tree with moss and that will be north!

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