One For Quercus

High winds gusted and steady rain fell throughout the morning, only lifting at 2 p.m. when we set off to South Sway Lane in order visit our equine friend with the striking eyes.

Unbeknown to each other we both carried a carrot. Now we have a spare in the car.

First Jackie photographed a pheasant, because our friend was a long way down her field.

As soon as the nameless pony spotted us she made straight for our feeding station.

Stretching over the fence, she was most eager to relieve me of whatever I might have about my person.  I held up my finger and enjoined her to wait until the Assistant Photographer was ready.


On Jackie’s say so I handed over the carrot, which between us we managed to

drop on the ground. “Now What?” neighed the pony.

“Have no fear,” I replied.picking it up. “I am here”. By this time I was confident I would not lose any fingers, and made a better fist of the process.

Perhaps I was getting a bit excited here.

The vegetable was gratefully received and rapidly consumed. Jackie produced this whole set of pictures, including those in which I do not feature.

We then proceeded to Woodpeckers to visit Mum who was on good form and very proud to display the Amaryllis which we had given her as a bulb for Christmas. It is apparently a talking point among the staff. Three blooms ar shown here, There are four more in bud.

The pencil drawing on the wall is one I made of Elizabeth when she was about 4 and I would have been 16.

By the late afternoon when we left the clouds had dissipated and we were treated to clear sunshine. Without the cloud cover the temperature dropped from 10 to 5 degrees.

The woodland along Balmer Lawn Road out of Brockenhurst was burnished by the sun; lichen glowed; shadows stretched fingers across the soggy ground, embracing the wide oak trunks;

numerous pools reflected trees and skies.

Jackie photographed me once more as I ventured across the muddy terrain.

In particular she was keen to catch me hoisting my trouser legs as I prepared to negotiate a watery ditch. Our blogging friend Quercus had recently suggested that she should produce a picture of such an event for his amusement. This one is for Quercus.

Such temporary lakes such as this at East Boldre are appearing all over the forest.

Further along the same road, as woodland gives way to moorland, grazing ponies do not have far to go for a drink.

This evening we dined on spicy pizza with fresh salad with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I finished the El Zumbido, Garnacha, Syrah.

Published by derrickjknight

I am an octogenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs. In these later years much rambling is done in a car.

86 thoughts on “One For Quercus

  1. A great post – I love the action shots! I identify with wading through mud and water for curiosity and photographs 🙂 My littlest son likes the upside down (reflected) pony 🙂

  2. Everyone should carry a spare carrot, don’t you think? You never know when you might find someone in need of a little nourishment, or at least an affectionate gesture. The trees are glorious, and isn’t it wonderful what a little sunlight will do?

  3. The pony and Derrick photos are wonderful, Jackie! You could always give the pony a special name of your own for her. 🙂

    The forest scenes are always so lovely, and those big trees are impressive.

    A lovely amaryllis! I like your sketch, too. You have a lot of artistic talent, Derrick. That is a beautiful sketch of your sister.

      1. I grew up across the street from a little pinto pony with one blue “watch” eye. Her name was Shonna. Every time I see a horse or pony with a watch eye I am reminded of her.

  4. Oh my! I just love all these photos. I love that big tree, and the ponies, of course and that photo of you navigating the water is so funny. That’s what I look like too when I’m trying to get to a good spot for a photo.

  5. I love your poetry and the wide oak trunk with two arms. I remember feeding horses with an open palm to keep the fingers out of the way. It takes practice. Thanks for the chuckle on holding up your pants legs.

  6. I like all of these, but my favorite is of you enjoining the pony to wait for her carrot until the photographer was ready. The hoisting of the pant legs comes in at a close second.

  7. What a difference the sun makes after the gloomy weather you appear to have been experiencing. This is a wonderful array of interesting photographs. I hope that in time you might show us a closer view of your pencil drawing.

  8. Good Morning, Derrick.
    Put your wellies on!
    The refections are absolutely gorgeous, especially the one showing the pony, and it’s so clear!

    A little tip for you, hold the carrot in the palm of your hand and hold out your hand flat, break or cut carrots in half, it’s easier for them to eat.

  9. HA! I snort-laughed! Greatly enjoyed your conversation with the sweet pony…and The Gifting of the Carrot! YAY, you got it done! 😀

    HA! Glad you didn’t get your pant legs muddy or wet! 😛

    Jackie’s photos of you are so wonderful! I still think you should do a whole post of photos of you, (The GP) taken by Jackie (The AP!) 😀

    Oh, so glad you all saw your Mum and she is doing well! The amaryllis is gorgeous! 🙂 I think your pencil sketch of Elizabeth is lovely! Such a treasure! 🙂

    Love the tree photos, wowza! And the pony reflection photos are so beautiful! 🙂
    HUGS!!! and stay warm, safe, dry, and mud-free! 😉

  10. It’s good to see the sun out! My pony would never bite you, Derrick! But you do need to learn how to give it to him, hahaha
    Those oak trees certainly have character, don’t they?

  11. I was going to ask if those gigantic trees were oaks. Wow. They are really impressive, as is your feeding technique. I prefer the flat hand with the food resting on it, but that always includes quite a bit of horse slobber.

  12. I’m sorry I missed this at its original time, particularly as it was titled with me in mind. I know I read some posts on you feeding ponies but must have missed this one. It is a real classic and Jackie has caught the pony really well, especially the eye.

    She has also caught the essential Derrick – eternally youthful in outlook, impish, intermittently dapper (that is a fine jacket), adventurous, camera-wearing, often on the edge of disaster and, of course, slightly mad.

    Your photos are good too, but lack the essential element of a central character as focal point. 🙂

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