Cawing For His Mum

I delayed my walk around the garden until later this afternoon, hoping to take advantage of the light.

Almost as soon as I had photographed this budding heuchera

and this camellia bloom toning into graceful age,

the skies closed the curtains, silhouetting the Weeping birch branches.

I continued photographing a range of daffodils;

another somewhat droopy camellia retaining its youthful bloom;

one of our varieties of euphorbia;


a species tulip, Lilac Wonder;

a steadily developing Japanese maple;

and one of our sundry clusters of forget-me-nots.

The West Bed border contains primroses, primulas, hellebores, snakes head fritillaries, and lamium.

I even just about managed to catch a wren.

Russell the lone crow imprinted on Jackie made 

quite a row cawing for his Mum.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s wholesome Hunter’s chicken; roast potatoes, parsnips, and mushrooms; crisp carrots and cauliflower; tender cabbage and green beans; followed, with custard, by what, given its dried fruit base, the Culinary Queen calls her amber crumble, with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the El Zumbido.





  1. Most beautiful images of the flowers, Derrick. Does Russell like to steal shiny things from you and Jackie? (My dad had a crow that did. He told me many stories…)

  2. Russell is back!! If you mentioned it before, it drifted past my awareness …. I was thinking of him a while back when Nugget was prominent, before he got himself a bride and went all domestic on us – I wondered if Russell was around and aware his mum had another love. Is it safe for Jackie to go outside if Russell is back?

  3. The light was well worth waiting for. The flowers sweetly delicate. Poor Russel, I hope he finds a love of his own.

  4. Russell the Lone Crow is a good name for that fellow! I loved the photos of him from your old post. I enjoyed the virtual tour of your gardens, once again!

  5. I just went back to the Russell Crow link. Abso-bloody-utiful. Happened to my ex-wife this year as well. I think they are a most dreadfully misunderstood bird.

  6. So good to see Russell Crow! 🙂
    You daffodils are perfect!
    Your garden is bringing such joy, calm, and hope in these tense times.
    Thank you, Jackie and Derrick!
    <3 and (((HUGS)))
    PS…I've had your Mum on my mind, a lot, the past week. I hope she is well.

  7. I’d love to catch a photo of the pair of wrens coming around at my place now, but they are flighty. I think the only possibility would be to sit outdoors, very still, and wait. I looked at the recipe for the Hunter’s Chicken, and grinned again at the amusing truth that even English sometimes needs to be translated. Rasher? Hob? I suppose a Connecticut Yankee coming to the deep South would have the same experience. Our language is as varied and luscious as Jackie’s meals!

  8. Even if the light wasn’t what you had hoped for, you managed some beautiful photos. I particularly like the weeping birch. I had forgotten about Russell. The crows have been very active and busy around here lately.

  9. oh, Derrick these flowers are just gorgeous. I love the daffodil with the peach trumpet, how unusual.
    Supper sounded delicious too, mine was a ham sandwich last night!

  10. Seeing your posts of the garden shows me the joys yet to come in mine! On this occasion, I refer to the forget-me-nots – so lovely to see 😊

  11. That backlit heuchera is fantastic, and the wren is a shot to be treasured. I rarely mange a shot of the flighty little sods – always so quick and angry.

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