Emerging From The Gloom

This morning the temperature plummeted, as did rain until after lunch, when the overcast skies brightened and the wind speed escalated, for the rest of the day, to 40+ m.p.h.

We drove early to Ferndene Farm Shop to buy three bags of compost, a splendid, tall, lingularia; lettuce and other salad ingredients, before a short trip into the forest.

Beside Church Lane a pair of field horses sheltered under a tree.

The lane, like many others, had recently been resurfaced; hence the skid warning and speed limit. Often such signs stay in situ for months. Jackie had found a section of verge on which to park, otherwise no-one would have been able to pass while I photographed.

Further along the road we spotted a herd of deer which, as soon as they got wind of us, turned tail and huddled together further away. This did not put some of the young stags off their stroke.

As usual, galleries can be accessed by clicking on any image each of which can be viewed full size by clicking the boxes beneath them, and further enlarged if required.

Church Lane is steeply undulating. As this equestrienne reached the top of one slope and emerged from the gloom, even though Jackie was driving very slowly, her horse fell into a panic. My chauffeuse stopped the car and turned the engine off, thus enabling the young woman to settle her steed and sidle past the Modus while preventing the driver’s side from being kicked in.

The far end of the lane emerges in Pilley where further coronavirus messages include the bus shelter with its Union flag and Stay Home messages; and the HOPE bench.

Back at home raindrops glistened on hemerocallis, nasturtium, honeysuckle, fuchsia Delta’s Sarah, and rose Hot Chocolate, to name a few.

I spent the rest of the day reading a book I will feature tomorrow.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s spicy lamb jalfrezi, flavoursome mushroom rice, and plain parathas, with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the delicious Douro

Published by derrickjknight

I am a septuagenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs

82 thoughts on “Emerging From The Gloom

  1. I love the forest drives! That is a handsome herd of male deer in fine form. Jackie was wise to stop the car and turn off the engine while the horse passed. Having owned a horse many years ago, I know they can suddenly spook at all kinds of things.

    The raindrop bejeweled flowers are beautiful!

  2. Regardless of the weather, I am so lovin’ the silhouette photo of the horses, the heard of deer and the lone rider in the haze. It’s a shame the car caused a stir with the mount, but glad it all worked out.

  3. I’m glad the rain stopped long enough for you to venture out. We have a severe thunderstorm watch right now and for the next few hours, though right now the sun is shining through the clouds. I saw an adorable fawn the other day, but I’ve never seen a large herd like that! I’m glad things worked out with the horse and rider.
    Those glistening flowers are beautiful.

  4. Your forest drives photos are some of my favourites!
    All of the deer are so dear!
    The little “Stay Home” homemade signs are great!
    Your photos of the horses are spectacular! Love the B&W ones bestest!
    You and Jackie are wonderful to kindly, and helpfully, share the road with the rider and horse.
    Enjoy your read and I look forward to hearing about it tomorrow!
    The HOPE bench reminds me of a quote: “Do not forget to hope and happy be.” – John McLeod
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚

  5. I love winding roads, horses, deer, and the hope bench. The nervous horse looks like a beauty. It was good of Jackie to turn off the car. I’m so glad things worked out okay.

  6. Wow look at those fears so beautiful.
    Where I live is a small country town full of cows, horses and deers.
    I love it, the country life is beautiful and quiet a way to unwind the mind.
    Beautiful photos
    Hope you and Jackie have are having a good weekend.
    I’m feeling alot better thank God.

  7. That was a lovely tour. All that the equestrian needed was to wear a low slung hat and a dark cape to complete the drama! Those messages are cute and powerful, as is the herd of deer. The rain drops over the flowers make for an exotic spectacle.

  8. Lovely to see the Fallow Deer – the one I spotted here a short while ago was a red deer as are the ones I’ve seen in the fields. nearby.

    What a photo opportunity – You must have been delighted.

  9. Oh my, those young stags were quite busy, weren’t they? That was an amazing collection of photos. An impressive herd! And then you posted those wonderful pictures of your amazing flowers… hemerocallis, nasturtium, honeysuckle, fuchsia Delta’s Sarah, etc. Soooo beautiful. I am in awe. Thank you, Derrick!

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