Keeping Close To Mum

Winds in gusts nearer to 50 than to 40 m.p.h. and a largely overcast sky restricted today’s gardening, so this afternoon Jackie drove us into the forest.

Sway is another local village honouring the front line care workers with a trail of painted stones. While I was photographing these a little boy emerged from the Youth Centre with his mother and a younger infant. He asked me what I was doing, so I told him and he informed me that the trail was growing daily as the artwork was regularly supplemented.

Outside Brockenhurst, near South Wiers, a pony led her foal across the road. We thought it best to comply with the give way sign, then at the next available opportunity turned round in order for me to photograph these two and another mare and offspring.

Even when enjoying a scratch, the first foal we had spotted kept very close to Mum who had somehow acquired a second reflective collar. As is her wont, the Assistant Photographer photographed me in action.

Again marinaded throughout the day, Jackie’s spicy piri-piri chicken with ratatouille, boiled Jersey Royal potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli provided our dinner, with which the Culinary Queen drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Malbec.


  1. What a sweet tribute to the care workers — and I love that it continues to grow! The horses look well fed by the side of the road, too!

  2. Thank you for the mares and foals, Derrick.
    And Jackie, you may think me stupid, but in any case – what is piri-piri chicken?

      1. Thanks for the recipe, Yvonne. It definitely sounds like something I’d enjoy, but I sure would have to cut down the chili pepper!!

    1. Thanks Yvonne! I should try the whisky but I don’t think Derrick would like me using his single malt Talisker!

  3. lovely tribute to the frontliners! beautiful horses and they don’t seem to mind the camera man 🥰 thanks for sharing!

  4. I like that the stone path is growing. Those mother-baby horse pairs are lovely. They certainly let you get close. How is your own mother?

    A very colorful dinner!

    1. Mum is thriving, Merril. She is not a joiner, so doesn’t mind that they are all confined to their rooms. The staff all wear masks so she finds it difficult to hear them. Thank you very much.

  5. A beautiful tribute to the frontliners! Each of those stones has become a jewel! So unique! And so appropriate as all of the frontliners are priceless jewels! 🙂

    OH!!!!!!! The Mum and Baby Horse pairs are so wonderful! 🙂 You captures some wonderful photos of them! 🙂

    When I read your title in my Reader page I thought you were going to talk about YOUR Mum. 🙂 I hope she is doing well. I think of her so often and pray for her.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  6. What a great tribute Derrick! I really enjoyed all the pictures. I’m always amazed at the number of wild horses do you have roaming about. I hope your mother is doing well.

  7. What a beautiful tribute! Parcels from Great Britain takes a very long time to reach New Zealand these days ( the latest one took 6 weeks for me).

  8. In a rather grumpy way, I hope that those putting out the charming stones realise that if they want to support front line workers, how they vote matters….and it might cost them a rise in taxes.

  9. “Sway is another local village honouring the front line care workers with a trail of painted stones”. These displays truly warm my heart … thank you Derrick…

  10. It’s always nice to see foals with their mums and to see you in action. I’m inspired by the painted rock trails!

  11. You have shown us some beautiful scenes today – a peaceful alternative to some of the mayhem in other parts.

  12. A very innovative way of demonstrating support with colourful stone pathway Derrick, also your pictures of the horses and foals are a pleasure to view, scenes of rural life that many seldom see. Not the first time that a picture of your supper has formed reality for my own supper mate, cheers.

  13. I’m going to have to come to your house for dinner Derrick, there always seems to be a plentiful supply of wine!
    Lovely photos – those horses are very special.

  14. The painted stones is a lovely example of a community project. These trails seem to be springing up all over in the past several years.

  15. You make the wine last three days? Such willpower!

    I used to drink only at weekends until lockdown arrived and then the family began dropping off boxes of wine as gifts, boxes meant I didn’t end up with a supply of bottles for the bottle bank. Anyway faced with such a supply, I thought I might not be here next month so why not drink it! 🍷

  16. As I see the painted stones were spread around the World. Here in Canada I saw them for the first time at Easter time. It was nice to find them on any trail I walked. Now this technique is used for any event we have. It is beautiful and entertaining idea!

  17. The painted stones are very pretty as well as touching. I hope they will be maintained – for both the sake of the NHS workers and the artists.

    The historian in me hopes also they will be around for posterity.

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