We spent the hot summer’s cloudless day gardening; well, Jackie spent the day at it while I chipped in intermittently.

Jackie took advantage of what shade she could.

In addition to dead bloom decapitation and carting clippings to compost bins I produced some photographs.

The blooms and garden views in this gallery can be identified and enlarged in the usual manner.

The same applies to these images of bees clambering on verbena bonariensis and delving into a hosta; and to the comma butterfly.

In the first picture above Jackie is conversing with the moulting Nugget, looking every inch the butterball that Jill Weatherholt dubbed him on his last appearance. Our concern at the scraggy condition of our little avian familiar has diminished now the we have learned he is undergoing a normal summer process. The last, smallest, of these images is “Where’s Nugget?” (92). Bigification may be required.

This evening we dined on the Culinary Queen’s wholesome watercress soup with bread and butter, followed by tempura prawns and fresh salad, with which she drank Hoegaarden and I opened another bottle of the Rioja and consumed some of it.

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I am a septuagenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs

80 thoughts on “Moulting

  1. I have cardinals and a bluejay who are moulting just now, and believe me — compared to them, Nugget is handsome as can be! The first time I saw a bluejay moulting, I was certain it was on death’s door. No, indeed — it only was putting on a new suit of clothes!

  2. I am most reassured to see Nugget, even if looking a little tatty. And I didn’t need to biggify to spot him in the ‘Where’s…’ . He may be cunningly camouflaged, and I could very well have blinked and missed him, but no, there he sits, pleased as punch – or indeed, a butterball…… The garden looks superb! The house is in danger of disappearing altogether behind the verdant growth.

  3. Beautiful photos of flowers, Jackie trying to beat the heat, and Nugget, of course, looking well. I’m impressed that the Culinary Queen makes such dinners after all her work in the garden–especially in hot weather.

  4. Derrick, I’m sure you’ve read The Secret Garden. I thought I had, but found it is totally unfamiliar and I’m loving listening to is on audiobooks. You might guess why I’m mentioning it. The little English robin who is a main character reminds me so much of your nugget. If you haven’t read it you must! As usual, wonderful photos and commentary.

  5. Your garden is glorious, Derrick. And I hadn’t realised how much I miss Petunias til I saw your photo, I’ve not seen any in years! Nugget is still handsome… now the offspring are doing their own thing, it’s time for him to get himself some new feathers. Our robins are still fighting each other for suet.

  6. LOL! I hope Nugget didn’t take offense to my description of him. 🙂 He’s look quite stoic in that second shot. Gorgeous photos of the garden, Derrick! Jackie is looking stunning as usual. By the way, Butterball is a brand name of turkey sold in the US around Thanksgiving. 🙂

  7. I appreciated a look at your house this time. May I ask, what is its history? Jackie looks great as usual, Nugget looks stoic with the whole thing even though a bit disheveled during his molt.

    1. The house was built on the site of an earlier cottage in c1920. By the 1960s it was the village shop and post office. Further additions were made in the 1980s. Thanks very much, Maj.

  8. So good to see the bees and butterfly enjoying your beautiful garden flowers!
    Also, good to see Jackie taking a break in the cooler shade. (We don’t want any melting going on! 😉 )
    Also, also, good to see Nugget! I think he is looking very healthy and handsome, even while moulting!
    Also, also, also, good to hear you were busy helping, Derrick! Gosh-darn great alliterating accounts of your efficient efforts!
    (((HUGS))) 😀

  9. I remain envious of the weather which is very strange because too much heat sends me scurrying indoors with an itchy heat rash
    Up here the day began with a wet and grey morning, it changed slightly by lunchtime, but never materialised into anything cheery. I’m hopeful tomorrow will be more to my liking because I’m planning on hosting an outdoor lunch with Sophie, little Evie and Joss but with social distancing.

    I loved seeing Nugget especially the one of him conversing with Jackie.

  10. Your gardens are into deep summer now, looking colorful and vibrant, as I would expect. Glad to see Nugget, and soon the lovable little butterball will be in new fine feathers. 🙂

  11. That is an interesting portrait of thoughtful Jackie. The rest of the images have a crystalline quality. Is nugget going to wear a shiny look after the moulting?

  12. Nugget, moulting or not, is so cute! your garden, with all those stunning blooms, is so gorgeous! love every photograph including the bees and the butterfly! 🙂

  13. Nugget doesn’t look too bad. Foxes are the creatures that look almost bizarre during their moult. I believe that the RSPCA regularly get phone calls from distressed people saying that they have a strange animal in their garden, possibly suffering from some disease.

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